Exporting from Blender: A Quick-Reference

This thread, and in particular this first post, is intended to act as a quick-reference for those seeking to export models from Blender.

Note that it is not intended as a tutorial–only a guide to some of the options available for exportation, and some of the considerations incurred by each. Further, I personally am not familiar with all options here at time of writing, and so there may be some errors in the below. Please do correct me as called for!

Full instructions, guides, or tutorials may be available elsewhere–search around! See also the manual, such as this page.

With all that said, the list!

All Versions:

Blender 2.8 and Up:

Blender 2.79 and Below (to 2.5):


I’ve been seeing a fair bit of confusion over the options available for exporting models from Blender. While at least some of this is covered in the manual, I thought that it might be helpful to have a “quick start guide” available here, in the forums, too.

If I’ve left out any options, or omitted any important information, or been mistaken in what I have included, please do correct me!

Furthermore, if new options become available, or old options fall away, please do poke me to edit the list.

Thanks for the reference! It is highly appreciated!

Although, what do you mean by this? If it works for the developer’s models, why can’t it work for any model?

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It’s my pleasure, and I’m glad, respectively! :slight_smile:

I don’t know the specifics offhand, I’m afraid. My impression–which may well be incorrect–is that they’ve implemented it according to their specifications, which might mean that certain features have been excluded, or work in a non-standard way, or or only produce correct output within certain limited ranges of inputs–or something else again.

You’d have to ask someone more-knowledgable about PRPEE specifically for a better answer, however, I’m afraid!

For a minor example from my own copy of YABEE, I’ve modified it to output model vertex colours with an alpha channel drawn from the second layer of Blender vertex colours. (As Blender doesn’t support alpha channels in its vertex colours.)

This is all well and good for my own work, but if someone else were to use it they might (reasonably) expect that a second layer of Blender vertex colours would be exported as a second layer of model vertex colours, and be confused when such a second layer appeared to not be exported.

(Of course, YABEE doesn’t by default export more than one layer of vertex colours, as I recall, so it’s not a perfect example. However, it hopefully illustrates one way in which one developer’s specific handling of a matter of exporting might cause problems for other developers.)

This is great @Thaumaturge . As always your tutorials are super helpful.

I just starting experimenting with Panda3d’s pipeline for the first time. To start I ran blend2bam on an assortment of .blend characters. Passing params for animations, etc. In all cases I don’t get a texture in pview, and in most cases I just get the model in ‘t pose’.

Pview does work for viewing animations in ie. Roaming Ralph - but no luck on my own media.

Just from a high level - is there a tutorial someplace that gives tips on troubleshooting the export process? I could go in and start to tweak things in Blender to see what works - but hoping maybe there is a documented process someplace?


Thank you! I’m glad that you find them helpful! :slight_smile:

Hmm… I’m not as familiar with “blend2bam” as I am YABEE, I’m afraid–including the questions of its documentation.

I do see that the “blend2bam” GitHub repository has some documentation–if you haven’t done so already, it might be worth looking there.

Otherwise, the best thing to do is perhaps to ping its author: @Moguri

I’ll dig a bit there, thank you.

Is the reason you use YABEE that it’s just more stable overall? And you purposely run older versions of Blender to work with it correct? Is it actively maintained anymore? Just curious. thanks.

He uses YABEE as he is using an older version of Blender
Newer versions require blend2bam

EDIT: YABEE Doesn’t work properly on newer blender versions.
EDIT2: PRPEE might be another option, but blend2bam is recommended.

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Not a problem. :slight_smile:

It’s essentially because I’ve been using YABEE since before blend2bam became the recommended exporter. (I honestly don’t recall whether blend2bam was at all available when I started using YABEE.)

As a result, for one thing I’m more familiar with YABEE. But perhaps more saliently, my main project’s pipeline is centred around YABEE–in particular a version that I’ve modified slightly. Switching now would mean a major upheaval to that pipeline.

Exactly. Because…

As far as I’m aware, no, I’m afraid.

This is, I imagine, the reason that YABEE doesn’t work on newer versions of Blender: those newer versions introduced changes that broke YABEE, and there wasn’t someone willing to update it.

(Aside from the developer of PRPEE, but that has other issues to my understanding, as noted above.)

Update, and the 2nd option on the list worked - gltf export from Blender and the gltf-viewer!

It was insanely easy 1) export from Blender 2) test with gltf-viewer ./mymesh.gltf 3) You can preview the animation and mesh in a window.

The character also had a diffuse and bump map, so I’m surprised it worked so easily.

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