PRPEE Blender 2.8 crashes when exporting a model with (.egg)

I am a newbie in a blender, and I just want to have some 3d models in my application (Panda3D).
i downloaded some free models from the internet with (.fbx , .obj and .mtl) with textures as well.

My Problem is:
After importing the .fbx model with blender 2.83 LTS
I selected all objects for exporting, and after that when I clicked on export the program are no longer respond and it stops with a crash.
and it just happened with (.egg) export

So where is the problem, is that being done something wrong or what, I spend my whole day searching with no any results.

link of the model:

link of PRPEE:

importing an .fbx and add textures by using files>Extra data> find missing files.

Selecting object for exporting

Browser for exporting

The program shut down.

The answer is, there is no YABEE that officially supports blender 2.8.

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Sorry by mistake i write YABEE instead of PRPEE
PRPEE for 2.8 blender.

I updated the question.

PRPEE: it is not a recommended exporter. Or where have you seen links to it in the official manual?

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You’re using Blender 2.8 , so why not try a direct .gltf export?

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i saw it from youtube , and here is the link


How? is it more efficient?
Actually my boss told me to download a plugin so this will make blender export as (.egg).
So that what i did.

Efficiency is relative. If your workflow requires .egg for some reason, then you may be “on your own” with regards to Blender 2.8+ support.

Thank you.
But how to fix the problem above, why does the blender crash and stop? .
i really had th finish this task before sunday.

It could be a number of things, perhaps issues with your texture linking. But this is the Panda3D forum, not the Blender PRPEE support forum, unfortunately.

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Let me reiterate what has been said above: Please, don’t use PRPEE.

While it is a descendant of YABEE that supports recent versions of Blender, it was, I believe, made to the specific purposes of its developer, and is, I gather, not reliable in the general case. We’ve had a number of posts here reporting problems using it, if I recall correctly.

If you specifically require export to egg-file, and the following is feasible, I suggest considering one of the older versions of Blender, one that that supports YABEE (e.g. 2.78).

However, if you’re used to Blender’s new UI, then this may incur a bit of a learning curve, and given an approaching deadline may be problematic.

Furthermore, if your model was made in a newer version of Blender, then it may very well not load in the older version, leaving you to start from the beginning.

Conversely, if you don’t require an egg-file specifically, then I second the suggestions given above to export to glTF, instead.

More generally, I put together a quick-reference to some of the methods of exporting from Blender that are currently available. You should find it at the link below:

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I can also add that egg is outdated and does not have a priority for support.

As for the link, I didn’t ask about the internet in general. I meant the link from the manual.

It does look to be that the engine is moving toward using glTF as its primary format, indeed.

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