How can i export egg files from blender

how can i export models using the egg file format in blender?

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So what I use is the python package blend2bam which transforms .blend files (blender project save files) to .bam files, which I think this same program has the flag to export as .egg format.

pip install blend2bam to get the binary via pip

Yes just checked, theres a pipeline switch to .egg format, though I haven’t tried it before.
but, the same blend2bam package comes with bam2egg which you can use to convert bams to eggs.

There are a few options, depending on your requirements and preferences, I believe!

I put together a quick-reference covering them to the best of my knowledge at time of writing–you should find it here:

On the matter of “blend2bam”, note that it exports the entire blend-file, if I’m not much mistaken. If you want to keep multiple models within a single blend-file (e.g. variations of a single prop), or to have working elements within the blend-file that are not to be exported, then it’s a poor choice, I feel.