Better models in samples

Should the models from the samples be replaced?

  • No, they are good enough
  • Yes, but I can’t help you with that
  • Yes! I’d love to help remodeling/retexturing one or two models!

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Hi all,

Don’t you also think the models from the sample programs (especially environment.egg) are ugly? I mean, if that has to be the first impression one gets from the engine, they will immediately get the impression that Panda3D can’t produce nice graphics. Which is not true, we all know.
So, based on this blueprint, I figured we can do this together, as community. Why don’t we all help to retexture or remodel (and maybe give it a better material) the sample program models? Just like we all can work together to a new site layout, I’m convinced we can get some better models.
We don’t need to entirely re-make the sample programs or so, just as long as we can get a ‘remixed’ version of some models they would look much more appealing.

Post it here if you did something better to one of the models!

count me in. as soon as i have some time to spare i can contribute (right now i’m still pretty unorganized due to the fact that i moved last week).
a few nice trees, maybe with colorfull autum theme. a small pond or so.
with one or 2 shaders it would look quite cool but even without it could end up quite lovely.
whats also lacking is sounds in an environment. sounds can fake tons of details inside your brain. also its barely documented how to add them. so why not add it here?

Yeah,i dont like those cartoonish models too.But im afraid im not good at modelling.
I suggest to make 2 versions of samples,one would be the original,the other one would use cool new shader effect.
Also i suggest to add a on screen text in every sample that shows the fps.
Edit:and like Thomas said:add sounds. :wink:

Sounds is definitely a good idea. Maybe we can expand the Hello World tutorial to also cover lighting and sounds.

Okay, I retextured the environment model and added some grass:


Click on the images to view original size.
See the difference? I just orked this together in a few minutes, and we can do MUCH better than this, but I posted this just to show how easily we can make a sample look a bit better by just changing a few things.

Hey,that looks great!Makes Panda3D look more…solid.

I’d suggest not only to add realistic visuals, but also (good) abstract, cartoonish or other types of style.

If someone is experienced in a special area it will help people, not only how it may look, but also with what models it is possible to make such visuals. I’d also recommend to include the original 3d models (.blend, .max etc.) files at least into the cvs.

Damn impressive :wink:

Well i think most of people starting to choose for use an engine want to know the power of it.
But by default they want to show visual part of it.
The visual that an engine can do is lot of work on the asset (model+texture) not on the core engine.
Better visual for the panda3D cool give it an more better image of what it could really do now :wink:

I would like to see an example with moving clouds.I never knew how people do that.I mean some games use a box or a half-sphere for the sky and the world is inside that box.I dont imagine how the cloud would move there.Hope the new samples will cover that.

really good point for mappers :wink:

bestsecclub, on some games I’ve noticed that there IS a box but that box is only a blue and they use particles to randomly generate clouds or they use their own cloud generation thing like used of far cry to generate a cloud “set” as I call it. this cloud “set” actually spells out random but controllable cloud effects that are generated every so often. again this is just an example but may not be entirely correct but thats how I observed it. Hence why the generation software for Farcry said “cloud mapping”. but i dont know! my brain is everywhere lately. :slight_smile: cheers!

crysis and i would guess farcry,too. use cloud-textures. photographs. at least crysis does for sure, they use photographs for textures,too.
a nice way to fake sky and clouds is to go the terragen way. create a sphere-segment resembling the part of the sky you would see from an earth-like point of view. apply some basic textures on it. mostly gradients.
clouds are just a layer of textures on this sphere-segment,too. you can use basic noise and some zoom-blur to create really nice looking clouds with shadeing

yeah thats what the program was terragen! i guess that cry doesnt use particles but one game i read into did! i just cant remember! but yeah it used particles because if you flew too high you would “run” into the clouds! lol NO it wasnt a flight similator

Well,in San Andreas for example.
Thomas,i have terragen.Though i feel it will take me quite some time to understand what you ment.So can you guys just please give me a link to a noobs tutorial?
Oh and sorry pro-rsoft,im using your topic,hehe.
if you render your terragen sky from below at different sun-angles you can see clearly what i mean.

:open_mouth: uuuh,thanks.

Come on guys, if you spend 30 seconds googling for an open-souce texture for a samples model you can already make a big difference!

Yeah your right.Im a noob,so i cant help much.
Though there are many talented people here,why wont they redo some textures?i just dont get it.Remaking the Roaming Ralph example would be good.

I’d like to work on new models for the carousel sample, it currently looks like a horrific panda rotisserie right now :laughing: I’m not sure when I’d be done with it though.

I agree completely the samples of panda must be changed it causes a bad impression about panda, when you first try panda and run the samples you say to yourself “oh this engine have a bad graphic quality!”, we all know that graphics is not a first thing in a game, but with better samples with more quality in graphics we improve the image of panda3d. I love panda and I would like to have a better website with specific tutorials about panda’s features, examples more interesting packed with the engine. Of course it’s needed more people helping to improve this thing I recognize the efforts of those working in panda as ThomasEgi and pro-rsoft, it’s not easy, but if everyone here do their part it will be possible, lets improve more and more and atract new people to panda, I try to divulgate panda most I can in braziliam websites about game developtment.

I’m sure you didn’t mean that literally, because I didn’t think like that at any point. Anyone with a hint of experience in realtime graphics can tell the difference between poor engine performance (especially when we have samples that demo features like normal mapping and glow) and bad media . And it’s obvious most of the samples suffer from the latter :smiley: