Better models in samples

Yes, I am talking about the first impression, most people when don’t understand very well about realtime “get in love” with the engine when they see beautiful screenshots and many featured projects like ones that exist in the Ogre’s website. What happened to the discussion about better samples? have you stopped the discussion?

I have not. Just waiting for the other 4 people who offered to help in the poll to actually contribute. :slight_smile:

I voted on I can’t help. I would helped but I can’t actually draw. Even now on 3D software it is better not perfectly. Sorry!

hey I’m just randomly dropped in this thread for the first time and I say I agree with pro-soft that P3D could benefit for sure upgrading the quality level of models and textures - at last I guess it won’t hurt
And another thing: it needs a good web repository and to take the habit to post sources too not just the egg but also the 3d file sources and possibly along with hi-res textures.

by the way: where did this shocking image came out pro-soft? did you updated the hello world sample? :open_mouth:

To get that image, I just swapped the textures from the models/environment.egg model, and added a little bit of grass.

heh of couse not taken off from your yard I guess :smiley:
I bet you have a grass engine of sorta of so this explain why you take few minutes to build it - I hope one day you’ll merge it somehow to P3D project 8)

Grass engine? Not at all, just some polygons on the ground with a grass texture applied.
Here’s a good article that explains how: … _ch07.html

btw,did you use shaders?

No, I didn’t. But that’s not the point. I just took the old environment model, replaced some textures and added a few planes with a grass texture. I did it in like 10 minutes or so. It’s still as ugly as hell, imho. It could be alot better.
The point which I wanted to show with that is this: we can spend just 3 minutes replacing a single texture to make a model look better. Nobody just seems to have a few minutes to do that. If everyone would contribute a few moments, the samples would look awesome.

gee, looks easy indeed either for my low standards - thank you pro-rsoft for share that awesome…gem!

Hi all,

My code skills are better than my modeling skills, but I’m in. Absolutely, a little attention to texturing goes a long way. What should we start with?

Thanks for your offer.
In my opinion, Roaming Ralph needs the most attention. It’s ugly. Add some grass or just change the ground texture (possibly with normal map), replace the ugly Ralph model (or just ‘remix’ him), replace the trees (maybe trees with leaves), whether it’s a spring, summer, autumn or winter scene, that doesn’t matter, as long as it doesn’t look like this sinister ugly dark 1980’s-game clone :slight_smile:

Also, the Boxing Robots. It looks somewhere in between cartoon-style and ugliness. Maybe we can replace it with a better Actor demo.

The Disco Lights sample, Shadows demo and Carousel sample are next on the list – same story, textures and models. Also, the Eve model from Looking and Gripping could look better.

I think those are the most important to change. Of course, the others need to be tuned as well, but these are the ones I get the impression they really scare people away.

PS. I’m not trying to offend any CMU student who made the samples – they did a great job, but understand that what was made in a hurry within less than 2 weeks by a beginner student isn’t commercial quality.

The boxing robots can be replaced with boxing panda’s to stay on topic but I wonder how do the …egg.pz files (on which my model meshes are) work?

Those are zipped versions of .egg files. You can convert .egg.pz to .egg using punzip and pzip (those tools come with panda)

How about recreating the opening sequence from Saturday Night Fever to show off Actors? Add in some disco music and it’s gold! :smiley:

Just kidding. But once I get more proficient with Blender I’d be more than happy to contribute some more “meaty” models, scenes, textures, etc.

are the new assets in the svn? I have 1.5.4 installed and the graphics are ok, but not impressive.

there are no new assets so far. feel free to contribute.

do you guys need a basic low poly genderless model? I made one, add some subsurf and it looks fine, aint rigged but wouldn’t be too hard. Also I can do some texture editing, my graphics skills are much better than the coding skills I possess, additionally my music skills are better than both if you need any of that.

most of us have such models lying around.the question is. are those better than the currently existing artwork? most of the time the answer is “no” since those models usually are not rigged,animated or textured.
what we need here are models which actually improve the samples look.if they do look better, go ahead and post them so we can include them.

current status?
i hope to see some new eye-candy in 1.6 :slight_smile: