Using tags … cene_Graph
Tags allow me to use Blender+Chicken and the egg format for my levels.
In this example, the egg nodes are browsed and searched for tags, when a tag is found and it’s in the tags dictionary, the corresponding function is ran.

Ive used only few tags here as example, you can ultimately have a “trigger” tag to call a corresponding function (based on the value string). You can use that for doors, buttons, or anything you’d want from a level editor.

import direct.directbase.DirectStart
from pandac.PandaModules import *

scene = loader.loadModel('scene')

def setBillboard(myNodePath, value):
	if value == "axis":
	elif value == "World":

def setPoint(myNodePath, value):
	myNodePath.setRenderMode(RenderModeAttrib.MPoint, float(value))

def setWire(myNodePath, value):
	myNodePath.setRenderMode(RenderModeAttrib.MWireframe, float(value))

def setShadeless(myNodePath):

def setBackground(myNodePath, value):
	myNodePath.setBin('background', int(value))
tags = {
	'billboard' : setBillboard,
	'point' : setPoint,
	'wire' : setWire,
	'shadeless' : setShadeless,
	'background' : setBackground}
for tag in tags.keys():
	for node in myNodePath.findAllMatches('**/=' + tag):
		tags[tag](node, node.getTag(tag))


Look in the chicken exporter manual to find out how to set tags in Blender.