Render pipeline not working

Intel (R) HD Graphics 4400 I see that you will not be able to launch RP on this

windows 7
python 3.8
how should I install it?
“Tobspr” recommended this technique.
anyway, I don’t see that I can run RP.
I feel kinda sad.

is there a fix?

I don’t think the limitations at the hardware level can be eliminated, only replaced with newer devices may be an option.

Does this mean i cant do anything

fine can anyone get the render pipeline samples to the web or webgl so I can get a test drive, or YEAH IT IS NOT POSSIBLE - basicly my graphics chip cant process it - I really want the car sample render pipeline

it is ok if you guys don’t

If we don’t what?

Intel website tells that HD4400 supports OpenGL 4.3 - Supported APIs for Intel® Graphics Controllers
But your drivers have only version 4.2
Render Pipeline requires at least version 4.3.

Can you try to update your graphic drivers?

It’s good that there are people who can decrypt the RP log entries.
I think should change this label, which is more similar to the driver version than GL.

GL_VERSION = 4.2.0 - Build
GL_RENDERER = Intel® HD Graphics 4400

I think it will be more informative.

@ sricharan497111

You need these versions:

4.3.0 - Build
4.3.0 - Build
4.3.0 - Build
4.3.0 - Build

However, the case of this guy makes it clear that this may not help.

I dont know if i can update

my computer is from 2009,
hp pavillion 15 notebook pc

windows 7
python 3.8

its risky

i dont want any risks

and what thing should i change @serega-kkz

you’ve said that it doesn’t work

and @Thaumaturge i mean that someone can port some render pipeline samples to webgl so i can try, or no

Ah, I see–fair enough! Thank you for clarifying!

You might perhaps be able to contact the support services of HP, and ask what advice they have regarding updating the drivers on your machine.

They don’t support my model as I know