RenderPipeline crashes on Intel HD graphics

I ran the 'Loading the Pipeline" sample.
RenderPipeline window just closed without showing errors.

Running glgsg notifier gave the following output:-

See line 174, if I am right, the error seems to occur when checking for supported cg profile… Running with notify-level spam did not raise any other error except this one.

What might be the cause of this crash?

I’m using Panda3D version 1.11.x latest development build(as of writing) installed using pip on windows.
Edit: Similar crash also occurs in panda3d version 1.10.5


  • Intel Core i3 4005U 1.7GHz dual core
  • Intel HD graphics 4400
  • OpenGL 4.3 supported

The errors checking for the Cg profile are due to the Cg runtime making bad OpenGL calls. I suppose we should just disable checking for Cg support when a core-only profile is activated. I don’t think they are causing your crash, though.

Ok then… I will check for other possibilities. Might be Intel driver problems.

I just realized, my hardware isn’t powerful enough to run RenderPipeline. As a result, It stops responding and windows task manager automatically ends the process after staying that way long enough.
I remember when my laptop choked at 15fps while running Tomb Raider 2013 at ultra low graphics(which is rather flat and unrealistic). I shouldn’t have expected RenderPipeline to run.

Lesson: Dont expect RenderPipeline to run on old Integrated graphics cards, even if they support the required OpenGL version.

I will change the title so that other people with same problem can find this thread.

If any of you somehow got RenderPipeline up and running on similar hardware, reply here with the hardware specs, panda3d version and RenderPipeline version :slight_smile: