List of (active?) panda3d projects/games

Hi everyone, this is an idea about improving panda3d community with improving projects and dev (art too) skills.

I would like to make a list of panda3d projects(games), active and inactive, open and closed source.

On top of list would be projects that are open source, active and are interested in help (with tutoring available). All projects which fit following criteria would be in top.

Everything else would be under that. (also arranged in somewhat logical sense).

This idea came to me because i am interested in helping someone with one project as a way of learning-better understanding panda3d, and game programming concepts in general, but dont want to start something and not finish it.

As community isnt really interested in making panda3d open game, in my opinion helping someone writing a game, or at least following their progress is second best way to learn.

So if you are working on something or were working on something, please post about it here, and i will make a list either in this forum or in wiki.
To people who are interested in getting help, especially those who would enjoy to teach someone about panda3d and their app, please post topics/tasks that you are really interested in getting help with.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

When i have some free time(this evening) i will go trough showcase section and try to get some usefull informations.

Working on an online FPS with a group. Closed source for now. Should be released early May.

There is my humble project: … tarean-war

Here mine so far,
[Making a team?)

Open source to people that want to work on it as a sorta learning project, but closed source to everyone else that want to just use what ever from it lol.

The FPS part is the current focus with the ability to add other games to server and menu.

A working (well not now because of a recent change to the database handling and other things) demo can be build.

Streets of Babilonia - a social superhero tatical game

Alpha release in April :slight_smile:

Now I am working on RPG called “The frozen stones”.The first demo may be will be available in the summer this year.

A 3d puzzle game which hasn’t yet announced.

thats all? BUMP!!!

OpenBlox - Make games using physics, Lua, and Lego-like bricks: (screenshots at

It’s FOSS software (hence the name), completely active (I’m working on it now), and it’s already been released 4 times!
P.S: No way this thread will die - who doesn’t like free PR? :smiley:

thats up to you guys!

i got myriads of games in mind! and i will never realize the half of a quad.

Sometimes it’s advisable to not announce a project too early. Sometimes people don’t want advertisement for their projects. This is why some are missing here :wink:

My hobby, free time only project is a game similar to the mechanics of Descent with some rpg elements thrown in.

Nothing to show yet.

when you do let me know! descent was great

My project started in 2009, and is only worked on in my free time, so its development moves at a glacier-like pace. I get a few months of weekends to work on it every year :slight_smile:

In any case, it’s an RTS/RPG hybrid starring original super-hero type characters.

Working with a 3d artist, thankfully, so I have 3d models of many characters and objects already. Have coded basic movement and camera controls. The game lets you edit and create heroes with a built-in editor , picking traits and style.

Have rudimentary AI started, heroes and foes will detect and chase each other and then fight (all animated). Outcomes are based on char stats (think WOW-like). Will posts pics on a site soon, hopefully. The characters can do some cool things like fly, grow to giant sizes, and turn invisible. I’d say it’s 40% along. Need to add projectile powers and fix a zillion bugs :slight_smile:

I’ve just started in panda3d and am going to primarily focus on python programming, but I have programmed in openGL and c++ years back, creating my own small 3d engine; I also have done minor-to-heavy modification projects to quake 2 that never saw the light of day except for some lan parties to test things out (my best mod for quake2 was a vampire vs ghoul vs civilian multiplayer game, the vamp could fly using some basic physics)

With that said, I plan on making a 3d puzzle game with a few interactive and action elements thrown in. I’m hoping to get most of the puzzles procedurally generated, but plan to create some of the maps and interactive elements, maybe with a simple in-game editor; though that’s far out :slight_smile:

no name as of yet

here is mine!

an other panda3d editor. I haven’t updated it for long but it’s still my primary project.

My actual project :

A multiplayer space game, inspired from Eve Online, but smaller because indie… :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent progress on my project recently.
Hope to post pics and videos soon.