List of (active?) panda3d projects/games

Here’s mine.

Feel free to follow my project, which has a thread in the Showcase forum. I’m kind of doing a developers diary type thing, where you get to see me contruct a commercial quality game.

Should be interesting seeing it go from so so, all the way to quality. It will be a lot of work since I’m soloing the entire project.

I was hoping to get it done by mid of this year and take my time constructing a good demo package for publishers.

I have a feeling I might be working on the game longer than I expect. I will not get into graphic upgrades with the project until the game is complete, code wise.

Once I can play the entire game from A to Z, then I’ll start thinking about upgrading graphics (keeping in mind performance).

I know one but its not an game but an game engine its for an Hentai game but people can use it for other things aswel: btw the engine its self does not have eny nude and/or copyrighted code/data and you need Polygon Love 2 to be able to run it