Is a "Work In Progress" section needed?

Is a "Work In Progress" section in the forums needed?

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  • No

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I suspect many of us are working on a panda3D project, be it a game or not, and would like to show some progress about it, in order to get some feedback and critics, to ask for advice about design or whatever, and, why not, to recruit some fellow panda coders that might be interested in it.

Whatever the progress of that project is, there might not be any real “Scripting issues” about it. It’s often still far from ready to be posted in our “Showcase” section, it’s often way too big for “Code Snippets” (and it’s not the point of this section anyway)… In short, there is no “Work in progress” section where to address these things.

This issue has already been brought up in forums, with attempts to solve it like this post, or most recently here.

We mentionned it again on IRC today, and following rdb’s advice i’m opening this poll to see how the community feels about this.

I think it would be a right addition, I can see why it’d be useful, and I also agree with your main arguments.


One concern that I might have is that if someone wants to post something he wrote he would then have to choose between three different sections: code snippets (for code that can be reused by others), Showcase (if he has something to show off), or Work in progress (if he is still working on it). I understand your points, but I wonder if it wouldn’t make things more confusing.

rdb : I get your point, in fact the problem that it could possibly bring more confusion has been raised on IRC too. Some sensible solutions consisting in renaming and / or merging some sections have been proposed, and we’ll probably discuss those here after some more votes have been sent, but i understand that it could mean a lot of work.

Maybe just renaming “Showcase” to “Work in progress and showcase” or something like that would be good enough for most… Maybe a real new section is needed, or maybe it’s all fine as it is (in which case i’ll have to ask where we should talk about WIP projects).

Let’s see where the poll goes.

In case nothing changes, you might use showcase and add [WIP] tag in front of topic name.

When it is finished, just remove tag from topic title.

I agree with GrizzLyCRO. Adding a [WIP] tag to the topic named and then removing it would be a better option. IF you add another forum for WIP it would get confusing. You would have to close threads that are no longer WIP to prevent people from commenting on a finished or abandoned project.