Fireflies sample broken? [1.7.0]


I’m trying to run the fireflies sample but with the DirectX 9 backend i just get a gray screen with an report that depth textures aren’t supported. With the OpenGL backend i get the lights as white dots and nothing else. Turning on the RTT results gets me the (from top) 2nd and 3rd debug boxes looking fine, but the bottom one is plain black.

This is happening on both my laptop and my desktop. It used to work with 1.6.2.

I’m on Windows running Nvidia GPUs with latest drivers.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I haven’t played around with it much, but your OpenGL results are the same as what I’m seeing.

Also, the shadow mapping advanced is very dark, no shadows. Not sure what Shadow mapping no shader is supposed to show, but for me it’s almost completely dark. It’s as if all of those examples are missing light sources.

Can anyone shed some light on this (sorry for the pun)?

Not sure how to do the thumbnail thing so:

Shadows Advanced

Shadows noshader

When running from a command line I see:
DirectStart: Starting the game.
Known pipe types:
(all display modules loaded.)

This is on 64-bit Windows 7 using the on-click download. Video card is an nVidia GTS 250, driver version 190.38.

The only change I’ve made to Config.prc is to set basic-shaders-only to #f (in an attempt to fix this). Both #f and #t give me the same thing.

This desktop is dual boot with Linux, so I’ll swap over and check a different OS on the same hardware.

Same hardware running Kubuntu 9.10 - all tutorial sample programs work fine. Fireflies shed light, all 3 shadow samples work as expected.

I’m just tested that today.

(window 7, 32 bit, 8800GT )

with pandadx9: gray screen with “video driver reports that depth textures are not supported”

with pandagl: that seems fine at first, but the fireflies never illuminate the scene.
or more precisely, they illuminate the scene if the radius is big enough, but as a whole, the same same light with every thing on the scene.

Seems something with the depth texture is broken.

retested on 1.6.2: everything fine

I’m having the same problem as you guys with the fireflies, and shadows tutorial and I think I’ve tracked down the problem.

Replace all of the “RTMBindOrCopy” with RTMCopyTexture in the .py files.

Apparently the 1.7.0 branch introduces a new problem with the RTM binding directly to the framebuffer?

I can’t seem to see a performance difference for the fireflies program on my computer between using BindOrCopy and CopyTexture…


that’s work here too.
( in pandagl, in pandadx9, I’m still having my message)

thank a lot

Hmm, interesting. It is likely that something got broken in there with respect to binding textures. It will bear some investigation.

Thanks for the tip!