Shadows sample not working (1.7.0 issue)

Hi everyone,
I tried to run the shadows samples provided in the SDK, but only the Shadow-Mapping-Basic sample works (the one using the automatic shader generator). The NoShader and Advanced version produce rendering artifacts. My guess is that something with the RenderTexture or Offscreen Buffer is broken. Has anyone else encountered the same problem or is it a known bug of 1.7.0, or am I missing something? Because in 1.6.2 the samples were working fine on my machine.

Thanks for any hints


We’ve heard some similar reports from other people (but not all people) of problems with the shadow demos in 1.7.0. I don’t think anyone has tracked it down yet.


It’s coming from the same problem as I reported earlier: … highlight=

Replace all of the “RTMBindOrCopy” with RTMCopyTexture in the .py files.

I get the same problem too.
Try what the above post says and report back.

Seems to be working :slight_smile: Thanks for the hint.