2.5D side scroller - perhaps in Pyhton?

Hello All,

I’m new to Panda3D, but have about 10 years of experience in coding (especially C++) and roughly 1 year experience in game development.

I was thinking of creating my next game using Panda3D with C++, and hence I posted the following question earlier today:

Since then (after reading through the forums a bit) I’ve started considering coding in Python.
Still - I have some problems in getting started (I’m not quite sure what the right way to go is).

Note: I didn’t want to double post the same text in 2 different posts so I linked my previous post (with my questions) here. If it would be easier I can also re-write the post in this forum-section (I’m not sure what is the right way here. I’m new to this forum).

Thank in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction.

You should probably learn a little python before you start. It’s easy though, and you’ll be able to learn more as you program because errors are more clear than c++.

If you’re making a straight up 2d side scroller than you probably won’t need 3d collision detection. Maybe make a 2d boundary-box collision class, like in the Asteroids example.

I seem to be getting the hang of Panda programming.
The cheat sheets were very helpful.

I still have some questions:

  1. 2d animation - I’m using billboards for my characters. How can I create a walking/jumping/etc. animation?
  2. Basic model eggs - Where can I get basic shape egg files (such as cubes, spheres, etc.) ? (I never tried creating 3d models and am hoping to use precompiled ones).

Thanks in advance for your help,

  1. there should be a sample with animated textures including billboards. it comes with your panda installation.

2.panda comes with a cube, sphere and a bunch of other basic objects. many samples make use of those. feel free to browse panda’s model folder. if you dont find what you need you can still use an 3d-editor such as blender and create your stuff there. with some tutorials this should be no big problem if you only need basic shapes

Look this post:
[Game-ready model shops)