hello, i tested your game, It’s a very fun project.

I have 2 comments:

  1. when you shoot missile with a weapon it’s very difficult to aim well, could you aim at the target with the mouse like in an FPS shoot game ?
  2. In the moon track, i think good idea to change more gravity. When car jump i think it’s very fun if car can be more flight

I have idea for new release,
In your code you seem to use the bullet physics engine for collision detection, may be you can add some objects (rock, tree…) can be moved when car have collision ?

For track terrain you use egg model, but what do not use GeoMipTerrain or ShaderTerrainMesh ? maybe you can create more complex and easier terrain like canyon or big mountain ?
i think it’s more easier to create terrain with ShaderTerrainMesh that blender 3D, but I’m not an expert, I’d like your opinion on that.

i have last question, in your code, I didn’t understand how to load a track.
where is the code that hooks all the.egg files in the circuit?
if I wanted to create my own track how could I do it?

Thank you so much! :smile:

It’s interesting. To be honest, I wouldn’t add this feature to the “main” gameplay, since I would like to keep the focus on driving (I’m using Bullet for the physics so the driving model aims to be realistic). If I did what you suggest it would move the gameplay to a more arcade style. Anyway, if the game will become mature enough, I would love to add some “side” game modes (e.g. “kill” other cars in an arena), and your suggestion would be a very good idea. Now, I’m still adding basic features in the next releases, so I can’t implement non-basic game modes very soon, but I seriously hope to reach the state where I can implement what you suggest. :wink:

Actually, this would be very nice too. Anyway, from a development’s point of view, I’m still tuning the physics for the “normal” gravity (and tuning the physics seems to be one of the hardest aspect of this project), so I can focus on this only after that the “normal” gravity will be considered “good enough”.

Actually, this is also a very nice idea. :slight_smile: Anyway, I would prefer not to modify the current tracks, so this is something that might/will be implemented in the future ones.

Actually, we did everything with Blender since there is a dedicated artist in the team who uses Blender. Anyway, I want to change tracks’ creation since I would prefer making tracks’ creation easier. I don’t know if I’ll go towards procedurally-generated tracks, a track editor, or a mix of them, but this is something that I want to change. Probably, this won’t happen in Yorg (since Yorg is heavily based on this pipeline), but in a future game (which would start from Yorg).

Actually, this is done in the building stage. Every track contains a lot of repeated models, so a flattening of them is mandatory. Since there are too many objects, it’s faster if I flatten the objects at building time and not at runtime. So, a single bam file which contains the entire track is created, including the flattened models. Fundamentally, the artist places an empty node in Blender, and specifies the model that will be instanced there in Blender’s logic field. Then, the code attaches the models to these empty nodes, and flattens them. Then, the entire track is stored in a single bam file. Here is the code.

An evolution of that would use hardware instancing, so the download size would be a lot smaller, and the building process would require less RAM (and RAM costs a lot on VPSs), but I would need to define shaders for properly rendering instanced objects, and I haven’t defined good shaders for rendering so far.

Right now, you should do everything with Blender. Every logic aspect is specified in Blender’s logic fields of track models. Actually, I never wrote formal specifications about that, since everything was informally discussed with the artist.

thanks for your answer

I don’t know if it would require a lot of work on your part, but I think it would be nice to add a sandbox circuit that could easily be modified. for that external users (like me) can be create/add custom circuit or mod

a basic python script that would load a terrain ShaderTerrainMesh with only start point and end point (and maybe checkpoint, I looked at your code, the ai seems to use checkpoints save in blender model)

But i don’t know if it would require a lot of architectural change

Hi! Here is a simple track that could be considered as a starting point. If you need any information, please let me know.

Actually, I haven’t a precise roadmap for new tracks’ creation process. What you suggest is an option, anyway I don’t know which approach will be implemented yet. Thanks!

Hi! Since there were users who were interested in the plans, I would like to say that I have reconsidered a point that I wrote. Even if nothing is already in progress, I think that I’ll go towards a better support for Blender’s track creation. So, the old idea of going towards procedural contents is not a priority at the moment. In the future, I would like to make the creation of tracks with Blender as easier as possible.

Moreover, I wrote a small update some days ago.


Hi! I’ve built a release candidate for Yorg’s next version. This is the first version which uses Panda3D 1.10, so I’m very excited to release it! Now, I can use a lot of things that weren’t here before, mainly:

  • the new deployment system;
  • the new input library (for providing joystick support);
  • Python 3;
  • a lot of 1.10’s performance improvements;
  • (custom shader-based) particles.

Since this is the first version which uses Panda3D 1.10 and the new deployment system, it would be very much appreciated if anyone kindly wants to test it. Please, report me any bugs you observe.

You can find download links and more info about other new features here. Thank you very much! :smiley:

The camera behind the car is very sensitive to the keys. Maybe you should let her along her own trajectory along the road? This feeling of speed, gives the impression that are driving a tractor.