Hi! I’ve added it to the roadmap, so we can implement it in a future release, thank you!

Hi! If anyone is interested in it, in our last post we’ve published a couple of screenshot of our next track. :slight_smile: Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Good job !

i have some questions :

  1. For create snow you just color in white the textures ? Or you use other technique like fluid simulator for example ?
  2. Does snow affect driving ?
  3. For AI, to move the cars, AI knows the circuit ? Or IA use collision detection and may be it can use in “open world” environnement (a big city like need for speed most wanted for example without only one way)

I have suggestion : it could be interesting to add weather effect. I managed to simulate a storm of sand for example with just smoke colored in yellow (may be use same technical for storm snow)
For rain, I do not know how to do it with panda3D

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Yep, we use standard Panda’s tools i.e. colors are in the diffuse slot, and there is a gloss texture. In the current dev build we’ve also enabled Panda’s bloom.

Oh sure! Every terrain affects driving: in the Blender models there are two logic properties which modify car’s speed and adherence. So, car’s properties are definitely influenced by track’s zones.

Both. Every track has several waypoints which “suggest” roads’ trajectories. But, this is a general approximation for the AI: then each car has its AI computer which “analyzes” the surrounding physics and chooses what to do.

Thanks for the suggestion! Actually, we’ve put some weather effects in the roadmap, but they won’t be implemented soon. We’re still implementing basic features, and we consider weather effects as an advanced feature. So, it is a great idea, but we’ll implement that in the future!

Now, a news! Our artist has rendered a video with his last track:

We hope that you will like it! More info in our last post!

thank you for your answer flavio

I see the new video, the helicopter in the video will be for real in the game ?

For the next version it’s possible to have more cars in the race ? Actually in the interface it’s limited to 5 max ai cars. Like project cars, the limit is 56 cars with Le mans track.
I do not know the limits of the engine, too many cars could drastically reduce performance ?

I have last question : In your game, the track is fully loaded at the beginning or you use a LOD algorithm ?

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: Yes, the helicopter is in the game, sure! :slight_smile:

Hmmm last version - 0.8 - allows you to play with 8 cars (not 5), so it’s odd that you are limited to 5. Could you check if in the Options page of your 0.8 build you can select 8 cars, please?

Currently you can do a race with all the cars (8), so there are no limitations. Yes, every car’s AI adds several computations: AI analyzes the surrounding physics, and tracks are not “trivial” - there are rises and slopes, a lot of collision meshes - so we can’t approximate tracks with faster meshes like planes. So, the limitation is more on user’s machine power, the game allows to play with the number of cars that the user prefers.

Now the tracks are fully loaded at the beginning. The loading consumes a lot of time with the current builds (which are based on Panda3D 1.9), but the upcoming Panda version loads them very fast, so there is no need to implement something more complicate.

ok, thanks flavio for your answer

hello i have question, why use (very old) Python 2.7 and not python 3.5 ?

do you plan to migrate to python 3. x in the future ?

Hi! Because I’m using pdeploy for deploying the game, and it doesn’t support Python 3.X.

Sure! As soon as deploy-ng will be ready for production, I will port the code to Python 3.X. :wink:
I would have preferred to code it in Python 3.X, but deploying it to players is more important than my personal preferences. :wink:

Hi! We’ve just published the release candidate build of the upcoming version of Yorg! Mainly, it features a new track and an experimental multiplayer support. It would be very helpful if you could download it and test it, and report critical bugs here (if any). More details in our post. Here is a screenshot of the new track:

Thank you very much! :smiley:

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Running on Windows 7 64 bit, the impression is usually nice. Nevertheless, the curb is high, there are few polygons on the corners of the route - they look rough. So - the same problem with understanding in which direction to go.

Recalled SEGA: “ROCK’N’ROLL RACING” :tv:

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Actually, we’re using Bullet’s Vehicle class for the physics, and it provides a realistic driving model. Some people have asked for a more arcade driving model, we’re modifying it at each release, following people’s feedbacks. I’ve already implemented some modifications in the following release (0.10, not the current one) that should improve the situation described in your feedback.

Actually, the artist is modeling low-poly meshes, I think that it’s an artistic choice. I’ve forwarded your feedback to him.

We’ve implemented a “direction sign” in the GUI, it appears in the track “Rome” (since there are several crossroads there). If you find other places where a direction indication may be useful, please report that.

Thank you so much once more! :slight_smile:

I try to use 0.9 version

I don’t understand how use multiplayer game ?
I must have account in your server ?

It’s a personal opinion but I don’t like the camera on top I prefer to play in a 3D view like on the pictures,

is there an option to change that?

Hi! You have several buttons in the main page: click on the button Log in. After the log in, in the right side of the screen you should see the current online players. Currently you should expect few players (maybe nobody): the release hasn’t been published officially yet.

Currently you need an XMPP account. There are several services which provide them.

Actually that was the first camera I worked on. Then I changed it since we added weapons and it is more comfortable to see what happens behind you. Anyway, we’ll implement the option you asked for in the future, thank you very much for suggesting! :slight_smile:

thanks for camera

for multiplayer, my question is : can i create my personal server (for lan party for example) or i must use your internet online server ?

if i can play in lan, why use xmpp server ?
why do not use just python socket ? why use XMPP , XMPP is for create messenger server right ?

I’m not criticizing your work (you have make very good game), I just want to understand why you use an xmpp server

Don’t worry, I see only useful points in your messages (and they aren’t harsh at all!), so thank you!

Sure, you can! You should download the server (it is in my GitHub repositories), and configure the clients to use your server in place of the current one. I can provide more details if you actually need to create your server.

Well, our network architecture is not based “only” on XMPP. We’re using Panda3D’s sockets for TCP, Python’s sockets for UDP, and XMPP for users’ management and messaging.

Of course there are several pros and cons in choicing XMPP:

  • (+) we get a ready framework for users’ registration, online presence and messages;
  • (+) the cited features are managed by XMPP servers out there, so our server has less load;
  • (+) it could support a federation like the one described here;
  • (-) I’m using SleekXMPP, and it is event-based: this implies that I need to manually manage concurrency (while I could use RPCs if I had my server solution, which should simplify concurrency’s management);
  • (-) users have to register their account externally (or I should set up my XMPP server).

To be honest, I am not very sure that I’ll keep XMPP forever. I am constantly evaluating project’s improvements, and XMPP is an aspect under evaluation. We’re constantly listening to message like yours in order to improve our project. :wink: Thanks!

Okay, thanks for the explanation. I understand better.

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Hi! We’ve published the new version 0.9.0. You can find more info in our last post. Thank you for this wonderful engine, for your suggestions and your tests! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Hi! We’ve just announced 0.10’s release candidate, if anyone happens to test it and detects any error, it would be very kind of you if you could report them!

We’ve worked on several aspects that have been covered in this very thread. Specifically, we’ve implemented the camera that has been asked and we’ve (hopefully) improved the multiplayer support!

Thank you very much for you feedbacks! :slight_smile:

Hi! We’ve released a new version: 0.10!

There are several updates:

  • a new track (and a new song);
  • a new camera (as requested by @sazearte and @Uther);
  • important improvements to the multiplayer;
  • improvements to the driving model;
  • improvements to the GUI;
  • updated Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, Galician, French and Italian;
  • bugfixes and minor improvements.

Here is release’s trailer:

Here’s a screenshot from the new release:

Thank you!

PS More info in our release post!