Hi! We are working on a new Panda3D game… :slight_smile: It is a racing name, its name is Yorg (Yorg’s an Open Racing Game), it is open source. We are using Panda3D (Bullet for the physics).

You can find its page here; you can find its project page here. You can download its builds here (so far you can only download the source - so you need Panda3D’s SDK to run it - we’ll release Windows/OSX/Linux/browser builds when Panda1.9’s deployment tools will be ready).

A couple of screenshots:

Here is a gameplay video.

I’ll post here when I’ll have important updates. If you have some feedback, let me know! Thank you so much!


The 3d graphics look nice. How are you simulating the car? Are you using bullet?

Thank you! :slight_smile: Yep, I’m using the BulletVehicle class.

Hi! There have been several updates to our project! :slight_smile:

We’ve added a new car:

We’ve added a track:

Here is a video of the second track.

Moreover, we’ve added the source code to Github, if you want to follow the project there.

Thank you!

Small tip on engine sound: Don’t just change the volume, change the play rate.

Thank you wezu! I’ll modify it! :slight_smile:

Just a heads up…I think your server has a redirect virus or something on it…

Huh?!? I don’t understand: everything seems normal… What do you mean exactly? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Well I clicked on the “builds” link, and it redirected me to a spam site (and probably one full of viruses), including whilst in Incognito/Private mode.

(I am running Linux BTW, so its probably not something on my end) It doesn’t seem to happen now, might have just been a freak occurrence.

Hi! We are adding features to Yorg, we have recently added a basic AI to race against. At the moment, it is very simple: it checks the ground with a lookahead vector and depending on the terrain type and the curve angle, it changes its own speed and direction. Obviously we will improve it! Now it should be more fun to challenge other cars in place of your own time. :slight_smile:

Here are a couple of screenshots:

Check out how it works in the following video:


The project is on GitHub. :slight_smile:

Unforunately, on Linux I get some error about /dev/dsp I think, on Win32 with internet it just crashes after start. The no-internet version also just closes on 64bit windows. If started from command line, there is no output.

Hi! I should have just fixed those problems. Thank you for reporting them! :slight_smile:

Hi! We’ve released our first builds of Yorg! :slight_smile: We’ve added a lot of features: now we’ve two tracks, four cars and eight pilots. :slight_smile: It is an alpha version, so it is not feature-complete: we’ve to do other cars, tracks, and features.

Here is a screenshot:

Here is the trailer.

If you want to play it, you can find download links on its page. If you want to see its code here it is (if you give us a star you’ll make us happy :slight_smile: ). More info on our site. If you have some feedback, please let me know! Thank you very much!

Hi! We’ve released a new version of Yorg: 0.6! The new version contains a new track, two new cars, and we’ve improved the AI a lot, so now it should be more challenging and fun! Moreover, there are a lot of other improvements (thanks rdb, Moguri and other IRC fellows!). Here you can find more info about this release. Here is release’s trailer. Thank you so much!

Hi! We’ve released a new version: 0.7!

As described in our release post, there are several updates:

  • one new car;
  • a new track;
  • weapons and power-ups;
  • bugfixes and improvements.

Here is release’s trailer:

A lot of thanks go to people in this forum and in Panda3D’s IRC channel who are helping us a lot!

Thank you!

Hi! As we wrote in our last post, we’re working on next release. We’ve a couple of renderings of the new track. We hope you like it! :slight_smile:

Hi! Here is a video of the new track that will be in the next release!

We hope that you will like it! :slight_smile:

Hi! We’ve worked hard on the driving model: we’ve fixed several things suggested by players’ feedbacks, and added the drifting - and it seems that it adds fun to the game. More info in our last post. Thank you very much!

Hi! We’ve released a new version: 0.8!

As described in our release post, there are several updates (these are some of them):

  • a new track;
  • a new car;
  • seasons;
  • new languages;
  • driving model;
  • new camera;
  • bugfixes and performance improvements.

Here is release’s trailer:

Here’s a screenshot from the new release:

Thank you!

PS IndieDB’s Indie of the Year is open! Please, go to our page on IndieDB and vote for us if you want! Thanks!

PPS More info in our release post!

it’s possible to add in new release a real TPS view ?
like this

or fps view (without cokpit) for have front view of the vehicle