WYSIWYG gui editor?

Integrated WYSIWYG DirectGui editor in:

  • I’d like in 3dsmax.
  • I’d like in Maya.
  • I’d like in Blender.
  • I’d like in Cinema4D.
  • I’d like a stand-alone editor.
  • I’d like in other 3d graphics software.
  • I’d like in other software.
  • I absolutely dislike this thing.

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I would like to have some clarification on the following:

Can be useful a WYSIWYG editor for DirectGui?

Are External Gui Sytem (like wxPython, etc.) WYSIWYG editors more than enough to replace DirectGui?

External gui module can be used in panda3d (like DirectGui module) or have some kind of problems/limitations?

And the last and most important question is:
If i make a DirectGui WYSIWYG editor integrated directly in a 3D graphics software, as for example 3ds Max, can be useful? (later could be implemented in other 3D graphics software)

Please leave me your comments and vote for the poll.

A standalone tool would be most usefull for most people…if it’s simple to use.

There are some exotic things you can do with dgui - I’ve for example put a textured cylinder into a frame and update its rotation based on the camera movment to get a compas (like in Fallout 3/Oblivion). I’ve got some some frames/panels that slide beyond the edge of the screen when clicked and other frames/icons that you can drag and drop, I’ve got an expandable radial (pie) context menu … it would be very hard to make a editor that could support such (custom) features.

I asked this because a standalone program may not have all the functionality of a 3D graphic software since, DirectGui supports 3D objects (like in the examples you mentioned) would be just as useful if it is integrated into a graphic software.
I think that an implementation of your examples aren’t too hard to do since they use standard DirectGui functionality(obviously depends on software where it is implemented).

For now i’m doing a script for implementing it in 3dsmax (for my purposes) and i’m almost done basic functionality of DirectGui (only static part of the code) but, only this thing speed up my workflow a lot.

Now i need some feedback/considerations about what the Panda3d community primarily interested in order to implement more complex functionality in my 3dsmax script or convert it to another software.

Please vote poll.

Nobody is interested in this project?

Personally I’d love more people to get involved with my editor project: https://github.com/Derfies/panda3d-editor. It’s an attempt at a game type-agnostic editor for P3D and it could benefit from a set of DirectGui editor features. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea and I understand that, but hey - united we stand / many hands make light work / etc. :slight_smile:

You mean that I implement my DirectGui editor in your Editor or are you doing your own DirectGui editor?

Yes. I’ve tried to build the editor in a plugin friendly format; some users have had some success building stuff for it already. There’s probably a lot of functionality already there out of the box, and (assuming DirectGui elements are inherited from NodePaths) you can drop these in and manipulate their properties in the property grid, save to file, etc.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please check out the editor and drop me a PM!

I just tried it and your editor is very very nice!
I’ve already seen your editor about a year ago and I see that you made a lot of progress although it still has many evident bugs.
Another problem is that it uses wxPython module but I was interested in a editor with an embedded Panda Gui in order to be more cross-platform as possible.
For now continue on my way, but I stay tuned with your project as long as it will be more stable for future collaboration (and wait for other poll votes).
Please vote the poll.

I would absolutely love a visual WYSIWYG editor (like with Unity or Unreal).

Have you looked at DirectGui Designer? See the thread below for more information:

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