[WIP] Yet another editor thing

I started a new Leve;/Scene/Egg/Panda Editor Tool. If enough people would be interested i will release it. But because Disney is working on its own scene editor i don’t think that would be necessary.

Instead of using Wx,tk,Qt,Gtk it uses my own TreeGUI. So my editor fits 100% inside a panda3d window. They key concept behind my editor is that you could subclass and add your own features and output to data files with ease.

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Current Screen shot

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Right now its still very alpha, but you all ready can do:

Drag. Note the cool gimble thing - yet it works how you expect.
Note the node browser, it expands and collapses and selects nodes. You can also click on nodes directly. You can also edit properties by hand on the right side - it eval’s python expression so the Vector data types are supported.

Rotate, both relative space and world space (it becomes intuitive once you worked with it)

Scaling, both scaling with fixed axis and by a single axes

It support orthagraphic view and 9 view presets, front/back/left kind of thing

You can duplicate components, as well as clear transform and assign new center to geom nodes (it rebuilds the geom nodes to archive that through vertex rewriters)

You can also/hide and unhide stuff that is in the way:

Now with this many editor things will any of them get finished?

:open_mouth: Would like!

A few questions:
Does it/will it support textures?
Does it/will it support empties?

And cameras and lights? And editing of motion paths? That would be VERRRY cool…!

No it will never support textures …

Invisible nodes, its kind of supports that, but you have to use the tree view on the side to select them. I myself don’t care for invisible nodes because other tools tend to eat then and its hard to judge the scale,rotation of invisible things, i could add support to display some dummy solid there, i am still thinking about that.

I am not sure about motion paths, i don’t have much need for them right now, but when i do. The idea is that you should be able to easily add your own stuff to it, like game specific map formats, controls and motion paths…

I’d definitely like to try it out if you decide to release it…

Some updates:

General idea of the editor is to use your own plugins. Basically the editor is just a shell that provides simple 3d editing such as move,rotate,scale,centering and the UI. Then the user would write plugins to make it a map editor, character rigger, maybe even in game cut scene editor. Any thing you will need.

My current needs are:
ship rigger: setup weapons with their constraining arcs.
map editor: find and move different bits around and save them in a text file with my own format.

awesome job! keep it up, treeform!
I will try it out when you release it!

good to see progress here.
btw, what do you use for exporting? i’d guess eggs, but those are very limited in some areas.


You do the exporting! Its a plugin based tool. Right now it does only eggs then it would export my map format. But really the idea is that code and important and exporter and make it use your map format.

This is not a full editor rather then 90% of an editor that you add your 10% to make it edit your game specific stuff.

The plugin system seems to be a nice idea, since the community can contribute easily what they want, and you don’t have to rewrite the core for your own game.

Good luck :slight_smile: