Noob here, please be gentle with me

Been ages, since the last time i entered this forums.

Thing is, i finally got out of school, and even i’m working, its not in what I really want to (currently mostly on blackberry software development, some webservices with visual, php programming and web based applicaction using either visual basic or c# on, fitting in some javascript, and finally, maintaining a recently bought outsourced tool developed in visual basic 6) which is videogame developing, but where i’m, there are no vg dev school or job offers, and also, vg dev is not that pretty well known (I live in Mexico) so i think i’ll enter the independient vg dev world.

Enough intro, lets get down to the point. The thing is, i want to develope this game, Fable style, but given i only know how to code and hand draw, i’m no good at 3d modeling and stuff, i think i’ll start with a simple sprite concept of what i want my game to be. Which will be a 2d brawlers, with fable style character development (on which you earn skill point battling and then use them to learn moves or upgrade them) and kingdom hearts ai support characters, which in any point of the game a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th player can join in (yeah, there are many playable chars, each with their own unique set of moves/skills, and want them all playable in co-op)

Well, thats for the big project i have in mind, in the meantime, a simple sprite based brawler with a few of the mayor features would suffice, and i would like to know if you can point me where to start, any tutorial, examples codes, anything. I’ll be reading all the docs out there, but i learn faster from examples than from documents :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks for the support, and i’ll be looking forward on working with ya all starting from now

Hi, I’d be sure to read the manual, it has TONS of information on doing almost anything you could ever want.

If you like examples, the panda3d examples (shipped with the installer) is like mega awesome :slight_smile:

They have tons of them, more than I’ve yet to be able to look at. Have a look at them and also check under the ‘code snippets’ area for some helpful hints on how people do things :smiley:


Yeah, i’m alredy going though them, thanks for the info

If you need a 2d example, you can also look at this (yes powerpup, I bookmarked it :slight_smile: ).

sweet, thanks, shame the links are down, but i already contacted the autor to see if he can fix it

ahaha :smiley:

Hmmm, the links actually work for me; both the download links and the play links work, is it possible something is blocking you? (public proxy, work firewall, etc?)

Before even thinking about planning a serious game project, consider the amount of developers, money and time you want to spend. A game like Fable is developed by big teams of professionals, who work years of full-time days on such a game.
Most people don’t know but even such mini games as “world of goo” take ~200.000$ for development.

The argument of no schools for games development in mexico might be true, but it doesn’t spo you from learning autodidactive, which in some cases can bring you further than any school. I’m not that experienced in making money with games, but I think you’d be better off collecting experience and skills within a bigger company. If you are serious about your career wish, you might apply for a job in another country or work remotely (which appears from time to time, mainly with small web games companies).

Best wishes from me. Have a nice day.

Well, not do dampen your enthusiasm, but the big scale project you describe still sounds too ambitious. Even as an experienced developer you’d still need a ton of art. Doing a game that required less art or using art from the web (you will find mostly sprites, textures) can make that a little less concern, but the problem remains.

If you know Python, Panda, and can read advanced code, learn from ynjh’s samples:

You could do the Panda3D community a world of good by applying your skills on Panda3D-related tools. For example, by taking the current rather generic editor and turn it into something more specific, like adapted to RPG or shooter. Something that connects your level + special elements (switches, spawn points) to genre-specific scripts.

Another tool we need is something to prepare models for the engine. For example an app where bones’ and their locations can be set visually and given generic names that can be accessed by a script. Maybe also basic animation and UV settings for models. Start with the obj2egg script here. Or start with this or that .

If you’re familar with web technology you could maybe do some good around the web plugin. Can’t be any more specific here, but maybe a web interface that lets you join games or a stat server.

I think it’s good to be ambitious. It’s the ambitious ones that tend to make a difference in the game development world. I don’t think it’s a good idea to discourage people even if their ideas are too ambitious.

I’m quite aware of that. What i’m doing now, as i stated, is just a little idea of what i want the big project to be, see if i can catch any videogame publishers eye (there’s Televisa Videogame division here in mexico, currently publishing AAA: Heroes del Ring) and get the sponsorhip i want. About workforce, i have a couple of friend who are also vivid developers who in one time, shared the same wish to develope games here so i’m planning on getting them aboard and there are quite a lot of developers here in Hermosillo, who might be interested in creating a videogame developer firm, but first, sponsorship

Well, at one time, i was seeing kinda hard going to study abroad videogame developing. I had been working on going to digipen in Vancouver, i already had everything set for me to go there once i finished my university studies, but then, my father passed away 4 years ago, and i had to take care of my family; this pretty much shatered my dream of going there, and thats when i decided to study by myself. Later i found this which sounded quite viable, and most of the subject i had them covered, but still we got some economics problem in my house. Thats when i decided to be autodidactive and been testing some vg dev engines, i wanted to get used to the UDK, but oneman with that beast is quite imposible, and many of my friends wheren’t atracted to it, so that when i decided to retake Panda3D.

I have 3 years working as a webdev, mobile dev and i had quite develop a lot of skills and polished them (well, at least of how they where while at school) so i think i’m ready to take on the vg dev world.