Who is this?

who is this person doing the lectures?
video.google.com/videoplay?docid … 4529&hl=en

I like his hair going all hippy from 2004 to 2008!

That’s me. My hair does all sorts of crazy things. :slight_smile:


I had a hunch it was you!

When are you going to do some more lectures, but with the quality that allows me to actually see what you are writing :stuck_out_tongue:

Also - how about a better audio quality?

Yeah, the video quality was a bit of a disappointment. The audio quality is particularly bad on the oldest two videos, but I think it’s better on most of the others.

Web video technology has come a ways since I uploaded these the first time. In particular, YouTube now supports so-called “HD” videos. Maybe I could try re-uploading these again in this mode. But Google Video is now defunct, and doesn’t YouTube still have its 10-minute limit? That makes it pretty inconvenient to upload a 1-hour lecture.


Hm… interesting. I didn’t know youtube recently cut down everything to 10mins.

Anyways, quick search reveals other possibilities:

I am sure other members might think of some others?

Woops - the free version only allows for “standard” definition. My bad.

YouTube has always had a 10-minute limit, as far as I know. But Vimeo is appealing, and it looks like they do support HD via a free account (with a limit of 500MB uploaded per week, which I think I can live with). I’ll give it a try.


Yes, i see… you could always try for a youtube partner:
Through Carnegie Mellon, or disney?

David, if you just upload them somewhere I can put them on this website with a html5 player in minutes. I also can make it fall back to a flash player for older browsers. That would also be useful for people in environments where video websites are blocked.

The biggest problem is the ambient noise in the original recording, though, there’s no working around it, makes it hard to understand for non-native English speakers like me.

Great, I’ll get the original videos to you tomorrow. Thanks!

Edit: Hmm, I wonder if a community volunteer would be willing to jot down a transcript of some of these videos?


So that was you… I imagined you much more older! :slight_smile:
Indeed, I would have watched all videos till the end if it was possible to follow. The sound is very noisy and we can only guess what you’re writting…
If you do own a better sound quality, I can write subtitles for one or two videos to people who have difficulties with english :wink:

I don’t know if transcribing will do it much good.

I think it’s better to redo some of them completely, seeing as how they are pretty old anyways. :slight_smile:
With a proper mic :slight_smile:
If you insist on writing on the board (e.g. as opposed to slides) i think blackboard with chalk would be much better because of the contrast and no glare.

I know it’s a lot to ask - but hey, I thought i’d give it a go.

PS: Also it would be great if they were shorter, i.e. 30mins or so.

Yeah, that would all be much better. That’s certainly what I would do if I were sitting down to make a quality, instructional video. But that would also be a lot of work.

These were all just ad-hoc talks, and the time I spent on them is just about the same hour that you see in the video.

I’d like to be able to spend more time on them, but unfortunately it’s not what Disney pays me to do. :frowning:


I was just thinking these days that it would be really cool if you (or some other expert) would post stuff on the blog a lot more often than now.

Compared to video tutorials it would take less effort, would be really easy to read and follow, and has several other advantages not forgetting driving traffic and increasing popularity.

Vimeo is used by some Blender projects, it can’t be bad.
The blog is more for talking about new features being developed.

We could make an official YouTube channel for Panda3D, and request YouTube partnership. YouTube partners are able to upload videos of arbitrary length, I think.

For that one has to have a lot of subscribers and content, methinks. already.


Most forum users would probably subscribe, especially if kindly asked to do it :slight_smile:
So why not make a try at it… you should start somehow.

Tried blip.tv ?

I think that’s only for TV shows and such. Not sure if they will accept educational lectures.