White Mirror - 2D demo in panda

Hi, I wanted to make a point that panda3d can work very well for advanced 2d games as well. I think I also wanted to prove how easy the engine is once you understand what it’s doing :smiley:, as well I needed a base demo game for networking, I thought what better than a 2d game? And so we have this now!

Code was made in about a day and a half, of goofing off.
Artwork was made in a day by my sister, goofing off too.

This proves that panda is good for 2d (who ever said anything to the contrary…? no idea)
The source is very clean and nicely commented, as well a few quirks etc. I find that the game has nice physics, animation was out of the scope for this. Comments and bug findings are welcome, It’s been noted that you get twice the speed if you jump really fast from one platform to another, I think it’s OK like that though.

I dunno what standards we have for demo applications, perhaps this could add to samples, maybe? Any who it has no point, just run and jump around. Good luck and have fun!

Artwork is licensed CC-BY (see header in python file)
Code is licensed under an apache2 License (if you die because of my code, it’s your fault. Otherwise please link to this post and include my name somewhere, thank you aka. Apache v2 License)

[size=150] - Online demos -[/size]
I lost my webspace for a while, please download the source below and run ‘main.bat’ or cmd:‘python TutWhiteMirror.py’

[size=150] - Downloads - [/size]
Go here to download TutWhiteMirror in zip format

Other download mirrors:
i source download[/i]

i source download[/i]

Oh my … it´s a fucker jumping test :wink:
Very interesting … put some splash screen´s man!

you surely made your point, it works flawlessly :wink:

nice work , keep it up :smiley:

Dude, any chance you can make a c++ version of the source???

I’ll be trying to do the translation myself, help i leanr something of python, but i rather work panda3d with c++ which i’m already spcialized in than being to learning a new language.

Thanks anyway, i’ll be using this to create my little gamme, see if i catch anyones eye and make this project bigger

Hi, I’m learning c++ as we speak and doubt I’d be able to make anything viable at the moment, however in the future it’s a possibility, and I’ll try and look into it.

It is of course completely possible, I might ask why you’d want to, to be honest, python is cross platform and c++ is… harder, python is almost the same speed, considering it’s really only ‘configuring’ the game.

If you’re better with c++ though I’m sure you could translate it without problems :smiley:

Lemme know if you get anything, I’d love to see it!


EDIT:: Oh, you’re the guy from facebook that tried to contact me, I had no way to contact you back! I got an email from noreply@facebook.com :stuck_out_tongue:
Err, yeah. Okay well I suppose you found the source then :smiley:

The link is down. Is the author still around? Or, if the license is BSD/MIT/similar and someone else has the source, please upload somewhere or let me know.


Hi Scott, I’m still around (and will be for some time), I have updated the post with fixed links on MegaUpload(?), I’ve lost my webspace for a while thus I’ve nowhere official to host it. Should anyone like to mirror it I’ll add it to the first post.


The link doesn’t work for me.
I could upload to my webspace…

odd, maybe megaupload is US only, or blocks germany?

I’ve added a 2share.com link, see if it works for you.

Have you considered panda3dprojects? p3dp.com/

Done. Everyone please use the link in the post. If you have any problems getting it let me know

Nice demo! Thanks for uploading.

Just for completeness, it would be useful to include a license statement for the source code. (The artwork is essentially CC-BY per your note in the source.)

No need to update the code just for that, but perhaps a statement here on the forum or at your new p3dp.com page.


Hi Scott,

I’ve updated the post to include license information.
Artwork is CC-BY (to the author mentioned in the python header)

Code is apache v2.0 license

If any of these disagree with you (I think they’re pretty permissive) let me know and I’ll be sure to consider other licenses should you have legitimate reasons for suggesting so.



The Apache license is great. A quick note for others: some people prefer Apache to BSD/MIT because it has a patent clause; others prefer BSD/MIT because they’re much shorter.