White Mirror - Online

Hey, I’m sure many of you probably remember the White Mirror 2d demo I posted a while back, this well… it goes based off the idea of my White Mirror 2d Demo.

White Mirror Online is the same basic principles of that demo, except it’s well… online :wink:
I’d love to get people’s opinion’s on it, IMO it’s pretty cool

Without further ado, White Mirror Online:
(The character selection screen)

(Some in-game pictures)

Play online on http://www.lightpoke.com
(if you have issue’s with the link above try http://lightpoke.dyndns.org/ )
I think the end result of all the hard work turned out really really well, especially I’d love to thank our amazing artists.

You can also find the facebook page with more screenshots here
Soon I hope to add the screenshots to the official website instead of the facebook group - that’s a ‘coming soon’ state, though.

Just thought I’d share what I have with you guys,

I have to say this game is awesome! (I’m the main artist btw) I need to build animation’s. But for a start this is pretty amazing. Soon you’ll be able to fight and kill the monsters, Get quest’s, and write and send letters to other players. If you haven’t tried it please do, My art is just amazing and should not be wasted! Jk but seriously try it. :wink: So what are you waiting for? Try it! 8)

A little self-congratulatory, are we not? :unamused:

Looks really good! I have just had a look into it. The graphics are not extraordinary but qite nice, esp. for a hobby development team. Just add some more interactivity to it - stuff that makes it fun to play - and do something about that music.

Good work! :slight_smile:

It is very funny game. Interesting too. What strategy is used in it?

Looks nice and cute. Will try out when time allows.

I agree that its pretty nice! I also agree though that the graphics could probably do with a little improvement, like those smudgy stones. But I realize that takes time and not sure it would be worth it? After all, its suppose to be fun and your game certainly is that: fun. :slight_smile: