What IDE/Text Editor Do You Use?

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I’m very curious, what do you all use for writing panda code? What IDE or text editor do you prefer? Do you run the game from inside the editor or from the terminal?

I’m on Linux and I use Geany, it’s enough, but it could use a better Python highlighting.
Last year I searched and tried some other like KDevelop, eric, Codium (VS Code), Atom…
Then I stopped because it was taking much time and I stick to Geany.

I could have made a poll but it was too much entries and I could still leave some out. This way you can also add something like your preferred workflow overall with Panda3D :slight_smile:

Personally I have been using Pycharm and I have been very happy with it.

Hi! I use Emacs. Typically, I run the games using the compilation mode of Emacs.
Anyway, sometimes I launch some projects using the terminal of Emacs.
Plus, sometimes I use the buffer of the inferior Python process when I need to use the interactive mode of Python.
I use pdb (inside Emacs) for debugging.
Actually, I also use EXWM, so the running game is just another Emacs buffer.

My main IDE is Geany too, I don’t have problems with the highlighting though. As a side editor I sometimes use Emacs which previously was my main editor for almost everything.

As for the workflow, I’m using geany projects to somewhat structure and limit my open files as there can be a lot. Running the app is then done either via F5 or from the integrated terminal. I also removed most of the toolbar stuff and the tab bar and only have the open files in the Documents sidebar to have more space for the file content and less distraction from the UI.

I use Sublime Text primarily (it’s commercial, but there’s an unlimited-use “trial” version). I used to use Visual Studio Code, which is quite excellent too, but it’s Electron-based and not as snappy as Sublime, and I couldn’t get it to work well in FreeBSD back in the day.

Having multi-caret support is an absolute must for an editor. Once you learn how to integrate that into your workflow, you’ll want nothing else.

I personally am in the camp of people who wants their editor to be an editor, so I don’t run my code from the editor. I also don’t like code completion.

I use Visual Studio Code, it’s written in Electron, so it runs well almost anywhere. It has a vast rich library of linting and highlighting plugins. It is slightly slow, but it’s great at the same time. I use it for C, C++ and Python.

I use PyCharm.

Thus far I’m overall very happy with it: the highlighting seems good, its project system helps me to handle large projects, and it seems in general to be quite rich in useful tools. (Including a debugger and integration for several version-control systems.)

As to running my programs, generally I do so from within PyCharm. However, on occasion I’ll instead do so directly from command-line.

(This is all under Ubuntu Linux.)

Hi! Yeah, me too, I keep the UI clean without toolbar. The highlighting is good but the funcions and methods don’t get highlighted differently, in other editors they do. It’s a detail but sometimes it bothers me :upside_down_face:

Thanks for all the replies so far! :slight_smile: I appreciate it. It’s always very nice to hear other ways of doing.

I use visual code for everything else and it works flawlessly even on raspberry pi so I use it for panda 3D too.

Oh, and by the way, I now use NeoVim, because VSCode’s code completion was too heavy and often lead to me writing really, really bad code in comparison to NeoVim’s no autocomplete/intellisense apart from LSP.

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I use vscode.
It can give us flawless code auto-completion through a plug-in.
See also:[Solved] Autocompletion for Panda3D in VSCode - #4 by 8Observer8

I use micro in ratpoison.

One more NeoVim user reporting in! But sometimes Kate also.