Volumetric smoke + soft particles + ssao [WiP]

Note: Not sure that it’s really snippet, because scene is quite complex. It is likely just test.

Not (properly) work on older video-card.

Volumetric Clouds with Mega Particles
Soft offscreen particles + This theme, thanks to Manou.
Modification of the Screen Space Ambient Occlusion for used with smoke.

Need to make correct SSAO bluring.
Need to remove artifacts on SSAO, caused by semitransparent smoke particles.
Need testing on different hardware.

Tested on Panda 1.8
Radeon HD 4850 - 100-130 FPS
GF 7300 GS - 8-10 FPS, Incorrect work
GF 7300 GS - 30-40 FPS, Without SSAO. Artifacts, caused by lack of precision in depth buffer.

Test scene