hi this is an example of multi blending terrain.

and the code:

i hope pro-rsoft implements this into the pgmm

Tried to download and run but it’s missing the “Image” module.

yes it requires PIL to run, but because of panda windows install is broken you cant run it unless you know how to monkey with the libs.

can we ever have a “normal python lib install” for windows that uses the python that has been installed 1st? Then using libs such as twisted,PIL,pygame,openAL would be so much more painless!

Treeform, this is very kewl!!!
I’d be happy to implement this into PGMM once I got panda3dprojects done.

Damn sweetly done Treeform!

ImportError: No module named Image
How to get it run on window? Need some instructions in detail. i am a noob.

Image is a module of PIL.

the way to install pil on windows because the panda setup is broken is to install real python, then install pil then copy pil folders to your panda3d’s python install. There is the PIL folder and the pil.pth to copy

thanks treeform, it runs.

for me it worked to install PIL directly (I’m still using Panda 1.3.2)

that’s nice work treeform, I’ll definitely integrate some of your code in my project :smiley:

Is there a bug in the panda installer? Maybe somebody should report this bug.

I don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature…
On Windows the panda installer does not declare the panda installation in the registry database.

Pro:it does not affect any previous python settings /installation /application
also you can also drag and drop panda on a usb stick and it works on any computer…
Con: if you use .exe installer for packages they cannot find the key in registry so they don’t install (no issue with zip or py based install).

Possible solution:
insert the registry key to point toward your panda installation
install a python 2.4 standard, install the packages on the 2.4 then copy the packages to panda3D…

Hmmm… I’m not 100% certain, but I think I have not been tinkering around with my Windows registry since the last Panda3D release (1.4.1), and I have the following registry key set:


and it points straight to the Panda3D python directory.

This means I am able to run binary installers for Python 2.4 modules (e.g. PIL), and and they find the Panda3D Python installation.

For non-Panda3D work I have Python 2.5 and 3.0a installed, and so far I don’t have any conflicts. I use ppython.exe to run Panda3D scripts, and python.exe to run 2.5 scripts.

But, as I said, I am not 100% certain if this has been the work of the Panda3D installer. Do other windows user have this registry key too?


The panda installer is supposed to set the registry key, yes. I have heard a rumor that sometimes it does not, but I have not confirmed it.

There is a special case in the code - if you already have a copy of python and you install Panda3D, it won’t overwrite your old registry key.

So these two circumstances could cause problems:

(1) unclean uninstall of a previous version of Panda3D, leaving back this registry key.
(2) a version of “standard” Python 2.4 is already installed at the time the user installs Panda3D.

If I remember right I have a similar problem some time ago (Panda 1.3.2 or before). I think I used a short script to register and unregister the Panda3D Python temporary, to be able to install binary Python packages to the Panda3D Python site-packages.

EDIT: There can be only one one registered Python interpreter for each major Python version (2.3, 2.4, 2.5). So (2) is probably out of luck.


i am working to merge my terrain system with pro-rsofts pgmm. Stay tuned!
Yes i never knew panda pointed to itself in the registry … am using python sense 2.3 and only panda recently.

what I’ve been thinking about lately was this:

your terrain + pro-soft’s pgmm + … Hypnos’ jungle thing for some vegetation :smiley:
… and all of these integrated nicely in my game project :stuck_out_tongue: which for me would be quite something to achieve (a seamless combination of 4 projects…)
getting pgmm and your terrain system together would definitely be a nice thing

currently i am doing a research for school involving full scale planet rendering (some thing like this so stay tuned for even more awesomeness :slight_smile: