Terrain rev. 3

This version is outdated. You can find the new version in my pipeline: https://discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=17050

In the recent time I worked on Atmospheric Scattering (based on Eric Brunetons approach) in addition to my terrain … you can download the sourcce code at https://www.dropbox.com/s/i1wi0bbhvrr6uo7/Terrain%20r14.7z


Snow biome:

Mountains + Vegetation (WIP)

Screen space reflections (WIP!)

Mountains biome without Vegetation:

More bioms comming soon :slight_smile:

[size=150]Older screenshots:[/size]

Big thanks to rdb, for helping me with my issues! :slight_smile:
Also I’d like to thank ThomasEgi, who helped me with many artistical questions :slight_smile:

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Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to see more!

I’m jealous!

Wow – I continue to be impressed by your work! Very well done, I do believe. :slight_smile:

(And I may have said this before, but if so it perhaps bears repeating: I think that I would love to see these modules get into an official Panda release at some stage, if you’re willing.)

And blog post!

Woah! That certainly brings your terrain to life. Congrats!

New life source for Panda3D

Thank you!

Edit: Minor vegetation added, Forests coming soon :stuck_out_tongue:


  • SSAO Added
  • Some minor changes

Is the ambient occlusion a postprocess - or calculated and applied to the terrain itself?

Could you do a side by side with SSAO on and off? I can’t really remember what it looked like before :stuck_out_tongue:

I removed SSAO, because it didn’t work well for the terrain … I’ll add it later, when smaller objects appear :slight_smile:

After some break, here’s the next update :wink:


  • Lens flare added
  • Improved Fog and Skybox
  • Cloud Shadows
  • Better Performance (~ 400 FPS)
  • Minor Tweaks, as always :smiley:


  • New screenshots
  • Removed a Bug from Atmospheric Scattering (where the horizon went through the terrain)
  • Tweaked FXAA
  • Color correction
  • Godrays (Not enabled in screenshots)


  • Material improvements
  • More bioms following soon
  • 8k flowmap (can be scaled down to 4k / 2k when on low vram, although not recommended)

I look forward to seeing the code! If you plan on open sourcing it that is.


  • Added video

That is kickass! Looks a bit like modded Skyrim :mrgreen:
Only the trees and grass poping up kind of spoils it. Maybe tweaking fog/haze or depth of field effect could hide that or some kind of fade effect? Or moving their clip-plane further.

How do the requirements look?
Is it running on glsl or cg?

Yeah, I’m working on the popping. I think I’ll do some fade in/fade out. I don’t want to change the fog factor, as I want to have a big view radius (currently fog factor is 5.5km while the terrain is 8,192km). Moving the clip plane will work but then I have to test the performance … I’ll test out that stuff and keep you updated :slight_smile:

It’s running cg and glsl. Cg for the terrain, trees and grass. Glsl for the scattering and post processing. When releasing it, I think I have to port the cg stuff to glsl, as I’m using texture sampling in the vertex shaders, which means it otherwise won’t run on ATI cards.

That continues to look very, very impressive.

I don’t mean to press, but do you yet have any thoughts on when this might be released in some form, even if in some form of beta?

As to popping, without having looked at the effect myself I will note that I seem to recall fading being the recommended means of dealing with popping.

Well, actually the sourcecode is already open. The problem is, many users don’t want to compile the required c++ modules, which are required to run the terrain.
Maybe the terrain will be included in panda3d at some time. Then the module would be available without having to compile it. But for now, you have to compile it yourself :slight_smile:

Ah, I wasn’t aware that the code was open! (I don’t see a link in the first post, although I may well have missed it.)

I’m tempted to have a shot at compiling it myself (I’m already using a home-compiled version of Panda), but I have severe doubts about my current computer managing to handle anything like that… ^^;