Terrain rev. 3

Okay, you can download the source code at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bazoasflefz7u2i/AACKp5MD6bg1VCJJnxss10Xza. If you have any questions about compiling it , just ask :slight_smile:

This is excellent!
I also love the early morning sunrise view:

Need an Linux and Non-Nvidia Version :frowning:( …

Ah, I see that the project file is a Visual C++ file–I’m working on Linux. I could install it on my XP installation, I suppose, but I’m not sure of how stable that is at the moment.

Anyway, as I said earlier, I sincerely doubt that my machine will manage to handle it (especially given that it seems to by slightly dodgy in its handling of shaders). :confused:

However, thank you for sharing the link! It is appreciated. :slight_smile:

@rdb: That is lovely. :slight_smile:

Well, it should run on linux, but rdb reported me there are many case errors in the imports (as windows is case-insensitive). Also his gtx 650m was able to run it, so it might run on your’s, too :slight_smile:

rdb once mentioned he is meaning to rewrite current terrain system. if you are willing to share this (awesome) work just like that maybe you would contribute it to panda itself?

My apologies for having taken so long to get back to this. ^^;

I gave compilation a shot with GCC under Ubuntu Linux, but I’ll confess that I gave up when I saw just how many errors–both case-related and otherwise–it produced. ^^;

rdb already compiled a version under linux … maybe he can give you the linux-adapted source code …
Edit: Sorry, it was also windows because of his ati card …

That would be theoretically possible, but the terrain is not a general-usage terrain. It uses precomputed chunk bounds, also is kinda fixed to 8192x8192 (although support for other sizes would be pretty easy to add). Also you need to use custom shaders with shader splatting to fit your terrain. So, for the builtin terrain, I’d probably go for another solution :slight_smile:

Perhaps, but in all fairness I’m primarily interested as a result of being impressed by the screenshots, and curious to see it run for myself–there’s little real urgency to my getting it running. I’m not likely to use the terrain system in a project in the near future.

Someone still has the download link please ?

Terrain has moved to https://github.com/tobspr/P3DFramework (as I replied), but its probably a bit of effort to get it to run.

Where to download data folder ?

You can download the data files here (for personal use):

Notice that you should use the P3DFramework located at https://github.com/tobspr/P3DFramework.
I am not sure if the current version is still compatible with the current Render Pipeline version, one would have to check.

It might be easier to wait until my ShaderTerrainMesh pull request gets accepted, since then the Terrain will be builtin in Panda3D.

Perhaps rather wait

:express(warning): Filename is incorrect case: /c/Working/P3DFramework/core/resources/Chunk32.bam instead of /c/Working/P3DFramework/core/Resources/Chunk32.bam
:express(warning): Filename is incorrect case: /c/Working/P3DFramework/core/resources/Chunk32.bam instead of /c/Working/P3DFramework/core/Resources/Chunk32.bam
:express(warning): Filename is incorrect case: /c/Working/P3DFramework/core/resources/Chunk32.bam instead of /c/Working/P3DFramework/core/Resources/Chunk32.bam
:loader(error): Couldn't load file core/resources/Chunk32.bam: not found on model path (currently: "/c/Working/P3DFramework;/c/Working/built_x64/etc/..;/c/Working/built_x64/etc/../models;$$shader;/c/Working/RenderPipeline;$$pipeline_temp")
:rs:terrain(error): Could not load chunk mesh
:rs:terrain(error): Chunk mesh not loaded yet, call load_chunk_mesh
Assertion failed: !is_empty() at line 386 of panda/src/pgraph/nodePath.cxx


i have updated the source code et with new version i have this error too.

i have an error with master version:

from core.RSCoreModules import TerrainMeshRenderer

ImportError: No module named core.RSCoreModules

if i replace from core.RSCoreModules by: from Core.RSCoreModules
i have this error:

[!!!] RenderPipeline The render pipeline no longer takes the ShowBase argument as constructor parameter. Please have a look at the 00-Loading the pipeline sample to see how to initialize the pipeline properly.

This is absolutely stunning! Im blown away by this work. I just wanted to show appreciation.

Looks great, but background trees may be transparent…