This is a little side project I’ve been working on–a simple online multiplayer game built using Panda (and its new browser plugin system). When it’s done, I’ll release it along with the source code, to be a useful demo of both using the plugin system, and Panda’s built-in multiplayer networking interfaces (i.e. the DistributedObject system).

It’s still a rough work in progress, but I think it’s playable. Come give it a try! (For now, I’m hosting it with my own demo build of the plugin, but when 1.7.0 is available, we’ll be able to migrate it to the official plugin. Until then, x86_64 Linux users won’t be able to play, sorry.)


Since it’s a multiplayer game, it’s more fun if there are multiple people in the game at the same time. Invite your friends. :slight_smile:

The gameplay is very simple: run around and spray paint walls (use the mouse to paint). You get points for painting more than anyone else.

More specifically, you get:

  • 100 points per wall section owned (you own it if there’s more of your paint than anyone else’s).
  • 10 points per unit of paint anywhere
  • Extra bonus multiplier(s) for owning many walls
  • If you get paint on another player, your spray can gets more powerful. If another player gets paint on you, your spray can gets more feeble.

At the end of the 3-minute round, points are tallied up. The three most ornately painted wall sections are awarded first, second, and third prizes, for big bonuses to the player who owns them.

Extra wrinkle: you can define up to five “posters” at the beginning of the game. These are loaded onto random walls. If a wall with your poster on it wins one of the end-of-game prizes, you get the bonus instead of the player who painted it!

Then the whole game starts over again. The sooner you click “Play Again”, the sooner you can start painting. :slight_smile:

Feedback is certainly welcome and requested. I’m still working out the details of gameplay and scoring.


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hmm, your link says.

getting 403, too

Lol, painting walls… guess he meant “collecting 403s” =)
I want to spray paint other players and push them along the walls, too! 8)

Oops, how embarrassing. Just fixed the 403.


the firefox addon stops at 46.3KB/1.5MB i have firefox 3.5.5 on windows 7

Yep, got another build problem, sorry. I made a mistake last night, and my perfectly good publish got overwritten by last night’s backup process. I’ll be able to get it straightened out in a couple of hours. :frowning:


I just ran it fine in Firefox 3.5.5 on windows, nice work.
Airblade looks nice, however, i need to figure out how multiplayer works :slight_smile:

However, it crashed IE7 and doesn’t work at all on Chrome.

Sounds like you got distracted by the plugin install page, which leaves you at the list of plugin demos, including the (single-player) game Airblade.

Tell me more about the crash in IE7. Does it crash every time in the same way?

In what way did it fail in Chrome, and which version of Chrome are you running?


Chrome simply reports plugin is not installed.

Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11 crashed then, but seems to be working now just fine :slight_smile:

Firefox fine, as previously stated.

Tagger doesn’t work in either IE or Firefox though, it loads (blue bar) almost completely, and then i get the panda with the red-forbidden sign overlayed on it.

now install worked for me but:

Same here for Firefox 3.5.5 with Firefox plugin installed on Win XP SP3. Loads with progress bar, then red circle with slash through it appears at end of load. Other demos on your site are working fine.

OK, issues related to last night’s publish are corrected. Give it another try!


Awesome, works great now. Thanks for sharing.

NOW it works - cool.
but how ist “most ornately” determined?

It uses a Fourier transform to compare each image to the top ten hits on Google Images, then chooses the ones that most closely match the popular images.

No, just kidding. It actually just measures image complexity by converting the image to jpg form and measuring the size of the resulting file.


interesting aproach…

just tested it myself an hour ago. I got a chance to test it together with drwr in a fast-paced action-filled aggressive pvp panda combat :slight_smile:

works fine now, and it’s an interesting project, i will use it for experiments when it’s available as source.

one feature request: make a persistent version, where the graffiti is maintained.

I’m quite excited to try it out! I’ve tried it in VirtualBox but that gives a crash in p3dpythonw.exe.
Do you perhaps mind releasing the source so that I can try it with my own plugin build? (I assume your p3d is compiled with 2.4).


This is a game changer.

When I played the level I was the only one there- I’m assuming that the level is populated with people from the internet at large and not LAN?

I’d love to see your source. I’ve wanted to do something like this with my game for quite some time.