Right, everyone across the internet who connects is playing together in the same world. This all uses Panda’s DistributedObject system, which was originally designed for handling MMO’s. It really hasn’t been exercised much in this smaller-scale arena, and I’ve been finding little things here and there that need fixing–and for the most part, fixing them.

My source is still a little embarrassing, but if folks are really clamoring, I can share it as it is now. I do hope to clean it up considerably before releasing this as a demo program, but I know that’s a familiar refrain. :slight_smile:

In any case, I’ve just re-packaged it and re-released using rdb’s runtime build, which means that Linux64 users can play now too (if they get the plugin from rdb).




Just got done playing with ThomasEgi.

It’s kind of funny trying to write messages to each other on the walls.

I was trying to test how smooth the multiplayer part is- it seems a little jittery? - it seems like it could be a lot of fun but it would be hard to play something like a FPS multiplayer as it is.


The game seems fine, but I simply get the Install Panda3D Plugin using Opera 10, Chrome, and x64 Internet Explorer (this is win7 x64). I know both opera and chrome are built for x32 bit systems though…

Using x32 Internet Explorer does work, and I love the game; perhaps it would make smoother gameplay if you could paint while moving?

I also get using IEx32 a console popping up; killing that kills the panda window. (it seems new with rdb’s version, the older version didn’t have this).


thx for making build for rdb’s package… this so totaly rocks :smiley: never thought that multiplayer painting would be so much fun!


There’s a reason that most FPS games are designed for LAN only. :slight_smile:

Opera doesn’t support our plugin at all (too old of an API), and the plugin is x32 only, so I’m not surprised it doesn’t run on x64 IE. I’m not sure why Chrome is acting up; it works fine for me.

I turned this ability off after some initial tests, because it was too tempting just to hold down the mouse and run around, painting a straight horizontal line across every wall.

Right, I get it too, I think I know what the solution is.



For Ubuntu users, there’s a panda3d-runtime package in this PPA:
For openSUSE, you can grab it here:
For OSX (i386 and ppc, 10.4 / 10.5 / 10.6) … -0.9.7.dmg
I have a Windows build too, but I’m still working on a few minor bugs there, so it’s best to use David’s windows plugin at the moment.
I still have to look into packaging for Fedora / RedHat.

Hm, interesting. I don’t see what the problem could be offhand - I’m correctly defining NON_CONSOLE when compiling. I’ll investigate.


when playing with my brother (same internet connection - 128Kbit/s up) the game is unplayable because its so jittery…


ah at last, here the new baby! I’d to say I’m very impressed for the great job done, especially how fast the content is loaded and ready to run.
I tried on windowsXP and all runs nice and got only 2 issues to report: the demo with the flash script don’t work 100% (can’t see much flash workability but just a black band to the right) and the general running is sometime a little stuttering but it is a great and exciting start - on ubuntu all seems to work as in windows

keep up the great job David!
PS: I’m quite interested on the tagger source - is it possible to see it somewhere?
PS2: who’s the author of the cute panda we see on loading?
PS3: thanks to rdb for the ubuntu plugin!



I believe treeform or ZeroByte retraced it.

By the way, had great fun playing the game! Wondering why it’s not called “Paintball” though.

PS. David, could you disable the modifier keys? It’s annoying when alt+tabbing (or control+alt+switching) while having the plugin open.


I’ll fix this in a future release.

A paintball gun shoots pellets of paint, not a continuous spray; and the object of paintball is solely to shoot the other players. This game is more like painting with a can of spray paint, and the object of the game is primarily to paint the walls (although part of the game is painting the other player as well). “Tagger” is street slang for a graffiti artist in cities like Los Angeles.

OK, good idea.

This is the demo with the white flash “PandaPal” plugin layered on top of the gray Panda window? I’ve never heard of flash failing to work altogether in that demo. Can you tell me more?



ah so it works fine - I tought that the flash portion was the big right black band.
by the way I found that the linux side isn’t so on par with the windows one - it works just with the tagger - those scripts in the demos index page list aren’t willing to work with my rig (64 bit)


That’s right, my demo page uses a build that is only compiled for 32-bit. It’s rdb’s build that supports 64-bit, and I’ve only thus far released Tagger using that build. Eventually there will be a suite of demos using that official build.



Official plugin build of latest CVS (as of now) … -0.9.7.exe
I’ve also just updated the rtdist build. The console window shouldn’t pop up anymore now.
Can anyone test if the audio problem is fixed now? I can hear the background music fine in my virtual machine.


I got annoyed with other apparent bugs with OpenAL, and switched my game to using FMod across the board. So that might change things too.



With thanks due to rdb for updating his Panda build, I’ve released a new version of Tagger that should be generally smoother. Those of you who were having trouble with choppiness before, give it another try. :slight_smile:



this is what I actually got after the little loading panda


I have the same problem as astelix. I’m on ubuntu 9.10 with the firefox plugin.


Oh, whoops, I had the wrong server port in there. Should be OK now.



Cool game david! Haha, I got my tag juice all over you. I can’t wait to see the source. This kind of thing would make it really easy for people to join a multiplayer game online.

While we were playing, you jumped from one part of the screen to the other instantaneously. Is there too much info being transmitted at once for my connection to handle, or does it have something to do with the frequency of status updates?

Also, how could you implement a feature that could save player information online? Like an online rpg that would let players log in and out, or save high scores in an arcade game.

Finally, will there ever be a way to have a custom loading bar, splash icon, and play button. I’m not a big fan of the current panda. The old panda with red and green glasses was pretty cool.


Hmm, I’m not sure about this, but I do have the running speed cranked up pretty high, and there’s a normal latency of around ~250 ms or so for any internet traffic. You can run pretty far in a quarter second at my current running speed, so I imagine that probably accounts for it.

Sure, this can be done same as saving things locally; you just have to write the code on the server to do it. (In my game, for instance, there is a Python program constantly running on the server that accepts connections and generates the maze and stuff. It could just as easily save high scores.)

You can do this today. All of these can be switched out from the HTML page that embeds the game; it’s documented in the manual.