Successful Compile with VS 2008!!

Just wanted to let everyone know I have completed a full compilation of Panda3D 1.5.3 using VS 2008 w/ makepanda. I have tested the compilation using some of the sample programs and they work without any problems. So the compilation could probably use some more extensive testing to verify everything was compiled correctly.

Currently I only have a .rar file of the compiled engine if anyone wants to download and use it. It is located on a website hosting server I am paying for. Currently the and I have has changes in it that will make it impossible to compile using VS 2005 so I am not releasing the .py files yet. Figured I would be nice and write some new code to allow for auto-detection of the VS version and compilation according to that. Also two of the third party libraries had to be recompiled using VS 2008 which I will include along with the .py files when I am finished with the modifications.

Below is the link to the download. If you have any problems with this compilation let me know so if there are any problems with it they can be fixed.

Wow, thats cool. Thanks for sharing this, I didn’t even know this was possible at all.

With 1.5.3 I guess you grabbed it from CVS? Since the 1.5.3 is not released yet here at the website.

Yes I grabbed the code from the CVS and compiled it. The makepanda system should work just fine with 1.5.2 though. This is just the version I grabbed to compile. Also this compilation includes all modules except for the maya and max ones since I don’t have those installed on my computer.

Which libraries are included and which are not? Does it have ODE support, OpenAL support, etc.?

It was compiled with “makepanda\makepanda.bat --everything --optimize 3” and it does include ODE and OpenAL support or at least should.

I have completed the changes to and to support auto detection of VS 2005 and VS 2008. If it detects both versions it will default to VS 2008 or at least should. I need someone to test a VS 2005 compile to verify that it is working still and nothing is broken. I didn’t have the time to test this myself. Also the files have moved to a different location as I have just moved my hosting services to a better provider and I will be getting rid of the second domain that I was running. Because of this all the files can be found on now under the makepanda folder. The anonymous ftp login is with no password.

There are two files the original complete compile of 1.5.3 and a new .rar file that has just the,, and third party libraries that had to be recompiled. Just extract the makepanda-vs2008.rar file to the root folder of the source code download on your hard drive and have it overwrite all files. Then just run makepanda as normal and it should auto detect the visual studio version and compile accordingly. If you have any problems with it let me know via email at or reply to this post.

oh thats cool! At first i read it compils with 2005 so what? But no this is the 2008. I am happy more compilers are now supported.

Josh what are your thoughts?

Was that the Express Edition or the retail edition?

sydbod, i don’t think it matters. If it does tell us why.

I only have the Express edition at the moment.
I would not mind giving it a try (to further my education). If it does not work for me, and it was done on an Express edition version, then I would not have to also look for differences between Express and Retail versions…it would be something I am doing wrong.

I have the express edition but it shouldn’t matter which you have. It should compile with both of them. Also I am going to update the .rar file as I found some minor bugs with .dll files not being copied because of a typo I made. I will update it tomorrow as I don’t have time tonight to upload a new copy. Also the version of Panda3D shouldn’t matter so you can compile using this new makepanda with 1.5.2

Thank you for that.

What many people do not fully realise is that the Express edition of the compiler does not have the same optimizing compiler EXE as in the retail version, and likewise the Express edition also does not have a complete library set. It also does not have access to the resource compiler editor.

I actually didn’t realize this but I knew about the other two limitations of the express edition. But I used the express edition with the windows platform SDK and it worked just fine.

I have some problems with your When I try to connect the response is a page that says “There is no website configured at this address.”. I’m interesting in using panda with Visual C++2008 Express. Please help me :slight_smile:!

Fulvio it didn’t link it properly it is an ftp site not an http website site. The correct link is

thanks a lot Caelin. I’m downloading the files


Man, this is amazing, I was tempting on starting to work directly on python, but C/C++ has been my native language since I started programming, so i feel much comfortable with this.

Just one thing, I can’t seem to find the files on the ftp, and the url on the begining of this thread sends me to a apache error stating i don’t have the permission to acces to the file

Any way, great achievement man!!!

you should definitely look in to switching to python. c++ was really my only language for quite a while, but python is so much simpler and easy.

btw, good job Caelin.

I’m having a problem with both the rar link, which says I don’t have permission, and with the updated link to crimson realms which hangs on trying to load. Is the site down or is it just me?

Sorry sudz for not seeing your message until now but it seems the forums stopped notifying me of replies on this thread and I haven’t been on these forums for a while. Been too busy with others things. Also I should note I finally updated the RAR file for the makepanda system so it should work properly for anyone that uses it now. I would recommend using it instead of the binaries and compiling your own version using the latest CVS code. To do this just checkout the latest code from the CVS and then extract the makepanda archive in to the root panda3d folder and overwrite all files. Once this is done you should be able to run makepanda as normal and it will auto detect what version of VS you are using and compile appropriately. Below are the links for both files that you should be able to just click on and use your browser to get the files. If you have any problems with this let me know.

Makepanda System
Panda3D 1.5.3 Old Binaries