Simple adjustable inventory

First click to start drag item, second - to put/merge/replace item into slot

Very nice man :smiley:

EDIT:I was playing with your code and found out that when the pop up pops ( :open_mouth: ) you cant click the slot. To solve this you just need to add 0.01 to its position.

if self.item_under_mouse >=0 and self.drag_item < 0: 
                    txt = self.items[self.item_under_mouse].get_info()
          , (x+.01, 0, y+.01), bound = self.bg_size)
                elif self.slot_under_mouse >=0:
                    txt = self.slots[self.slot_under_mouse].get_info()
          , (x+.01, 0, y+.01), bound = self.bg_size)

on line 361

Thanks )
I tested script on Ubuntu and has no this problem, but i’ll make changes, thanks again.

You’re great, Ninth! :slight_smile:
For the second time you provide exactly what i was looking for, and right when i was starting to look for it. Thanks a lot for this snippet, i’ll definitely use it in my PPARPG project.