Signal Ops - A game that will multiply your perspective.

Now you can see what I’ve been working on.

We make gratuitous use of off-screen buffers combined with custom shaders for the monitor views. It is completely written in Python using Panda3D, the only non-standard module is PyYAML. Pathfinding and AI is all written from scratch, it does not use Panda AI. Still lots of work to do, we will be finished some time first half of next year.

In Signal Ops, it is your duty to guide government field agents through daring missions. Plant evidence, steal secrets, assassinate targets, and sabotage competing government agencies for the greater good. Use multiple agent views to your tactical advantage in dispatching objectives or enemies. Agents are replaceable, but equipment is not. Leave no radio behind!

Announcement Trailer:


Any questions, just ask!

This is very nice, I like the art.

Bravo and good luck !

Woah, this looks amazing!
I especially like the idea of controlling agroup and seeing everybody’s sight at once. I’ve never seen anything like that yet.

Very nice indeed.
Character style looks cool.

Impressive! :slight_smile:

Very good.
I’d suggest to post the game in

Amazing :slight_smile:. Interesting idea, nice presentation and humor. Can’t wait to play it :slight_smile:.

Very cool! This is the first trailer which is too short for my desire to see more! :slight_smile:

Very impressive stuff, can’t wait for the release! … -exciting/
Nice. At the morning I see it on the Panda forums, on the evening I see it on Rock Paper Shotgun. That’s a first ;D.

It’s really nice to see such projects being made with Panda. Not to mention inspiring and encouraging.

Looks AWESOME! :slight_smile:

I think that what you are doing is GREAT! You are Panda Indie Heros, an inspiration to us all! :smiley:

I mean, it takes a lot of courage for going indie, right?

Games like Signal Ops can definitely show Panda3D as one of the best options for independent game development. Although Panda3D is a great engine, I have the impression that it is not so popular as it should.

I hope so, Panda definitely deserves much more attention than it gets.
For sure going full-time indie is something you need to plan for both personally and as a team, and of course have backup plans for when things inevitably take twice as long as you planned.

you can support these guys by donating:

I’m just waiting for paypal to get the money so i can send them a few bucks.
See it as an opportunity to advertise Panda3D :smiley:

I don’t know if you saw my comment, so I’ll suggest again to showcase the game in
The devs of Minecraft and Overgrowth post their updates there and it’s a great place to gain some popularity.
Membership is completely free.

We’re still hard at work on Signal Ops!

Just yesterday Steam Greenlight went live and we’ve posted our game there. It is a sort of voting system for people to have a say on which games they would like to see available on Steam. It has been great for getting more eyes on our game.

We also made a new trailer for the game, which you can see on the Greenlight page or on Youtube.

How’s the current state?

It is going well. We are still aiming for this year, which is about half a year later than we originally planned, but that’s how it goes sometimes. :slight_smile:

As for Greenlight we’ve had 46K visits to the page it and has definitely spread awareness and helped us find future customers. We are currently sitting in the top 40 entries.

We just posted up one of our weekly-ish blog updates, and we thought this one would be of particular interest to the Panda community since it shows screenshots from early versions of the game all the way up to today. You can check it out here:

signal ops is gameplay looks like so much fun!
can’t wait for this to come out.

please let Panda community have first test :stuck_out_tongue:

We just posted up a lengthy gameplay walkthrough video, check it out!