Signal Ops - A game that will multiply your perspective.

Extremely neat!

I have a logistical question about the Steam Greenlight or Steam store. I am also planning to put my Panda 3D game on Steam Greenlight but I read you have to submit a Windows exe. I think at the moment you can only create installers with pdeploy. How do you go about creating your game exe so that Steam users don’t need to install the runtime ? Or do you use some other proces to convert your python code to an exe with all panda stuff already in it ?

To post on Greenlight you do not need to submit anything other than video/screenshots and information. If your game is accepted then Valve would of course need a build of the game to test out at that point.
We plan to use Panda’s packaging tools which I’ve read are capable of packaging up a game into an executable, though we have not actually done so yet.

Ah ok. I think atm the tools only create installer exe. Not a stand-alone exe of your game. Maybe py2exe will do the job.

You can extract game’s files from the installer that has been created by pdeploy.

Great work :smiley:

Very cool to see something very polished :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind can we ask technical questions on how you approached things ?

For example , I am curious about your content pipeline … specifically scene editing ?

Entirely within Blender ? An existing editor ? Or a custom scene editor ? In-game ? Or a mix of things ? Or something else entirely ? :smiley:

Hi Orange,
We use Autodesk Softimage for creating all content, which also acts as level editor by means of a custom plugin.
Exporting is done with a custom EGG exporter and we use CgFX shaders to get an accurate preview of game art in Softimage.

Very cool :smiley:

I was curious about how the workflow would be in a digital content tool , but with such things as in-game render preview it should be good for the task :smiley:

Signal Ops is coming March 14th!
Recently a few people got to play a preview version and wrote some thoughts.
Indie Statik -
Gamasutra -

Your game’s picture on the main page of the Panda3D website:

  1. Free advertising for your game.
  2. Showing that Panda3D is still used for commercial games.
    What do you think?

It’d be great to have some of these screenshots in the screenshots section of the Panda3D site. My only concern is that because they consist of several smaller screens, that they would just be very difficult to make out at the resolution we present them at.

We’re actually pushing the release back 2 weeks to put some extra polish on it.
Perhaps after the game is out I can take some time to write a blog post with more detail about how we used Panda to develop the game, why we chose it, and so on.
That and submit patches for some minor changes and features we’ve added.
Feel free to use any of the screenshots if you like. There are more recent ones on the Greenlight page.

Signal Ops is released, yay!
We launched on April 2nd actually, but it’s been a bit of stealth release until we finish our new trailer and send it off to games journalists.
Right now it’s exclusive to, though we are looking to expand to other storefronts.

Wow! Grats!
Are you plan to use Steam?

Congratulations! I hope that it does well. :slight_smile:

If I may say, it’s really encouraging to see a Panda game – indeed one that I’ve seen in progress on these fora – being launched on GOG.

We’d like to, currently it is up to getting enough votes on Steam Greenlight, as Valve currently offers no other way to get onto Steam. We are doing pretty well on there, just not enough votes to get a pass onto Steam yet.

Is there any way to buy the Linux version right now? I was about to buy it from GOG, but only Windows is listed as supported on there. Or do we have to wait until the Steam release for the Linux version?

Also, this thread should be sticky (let’s be honest, it beats everything else in the showcase section hands down) and this game should really be advertised on the Panda’s main web page with a huge “Vote for Signal Ops on Steam here!” link. This would be for the benefit of both Panda and Signal Ops.

this game should really be advertised on the Panda's main web page with a huge "Vote for Signal Ops on Steam here!" link.

+1 Totally agree!

We haven’t finished the Linux and Mac versions yet, have to deal with some differences in input with mouse and gamepad and do testing on those platforms. It shouldn’t be too long, though.