Shaders and Shadows Not Supported?

I am on a Nvidia GTX 980ti, and when I try to run some of the examples it’ll tell me that either shadows aren’t supported or that shaders aren’t supported.

I am running Manjaro Linux, the most recent version (stable) of Panda3D installed from the AUR (built against Python 3), and the proprietary Nvidia drivers installed and running.

My theories so far:

A. Nvidia removed support for CG shaders
B. It’s a bug in P3D
C. Something went wrong whilst building
D. My drivers are messed up

I run Panda3D on Arch Linux with an Nvidia GTX 970 with the proprietary drivers. Shadows and shaders work for me, so I suspect the build. Do you have the nvidia-cg-toolkit package? This is required for building Panda3D with shader support.

That seems to have done it, thanks!

If you’d like to do shadows with GLSL instead, Panda makes this pretty easy for you as well. wezu made a great example showing how to do it: