Realtime Plant Interaction (using Ragdolls)

Hey all,

I recently noticed in some Crysis video that some plants realistically react when you walk into them. You don’t walk through the leaves of a plant like in most games, but you push them aside.
I wanted to reproduce that in Panda, and I managed. Here’s a small zip showing a way how to do that using ragdolls:
Run, then use the arrow keys to move around and push against the plant leaves.

Here’s a poorly recorded video showing it in action: … ation2.avi

Please don’t mind my terrible coding, I just wanted to get it done quickly. I also know the timestep is nonconstant and thus gives too much jitter.

Thanks for sharing! Looks very interesting. I made it crash when trying to go straight through the plants though on a bNormalizationResult assertion in odemath.h:297 :wink:

Very cool demo- looking at the plants quivering leaves makes me feel guilty for bumping into them though. :wink:

nice one pro_rsoft
it’s a cute puppy to toy with for weeks - also, with this we get an ODE and a shader sample in the same box

for the records, trying this demo today on windowsXP issued this error:

assertion: "bNormalizationResult" failed in ... odemath.h

Have to say that in my linux installation it works great so I really don’t know what to think about it :unamused: