Random Cave Generation

Hey there! I’m pretty new to Panda3D as an engine, and have an Idea for a game I’d like to make. Without getting into specifics, I’d like to create a game with random terrain and caves, (not blocks, but low poly terrain) Getting terrain generation based on a noise map is pretty simple, but what about generating caves in that area?

For reference, here is a video that does what I want my game to look similar too, but this was done in Unity:

(The video starts at the section where he talks about caves)
Any Ideas?
Thank you ahead of time!

Hmm… I’ve seen some posting on such things on Twitter, I believe–perhaps if you search around there you may find some useful techniques.

As a starter, here’s a tweet that’s apparently about an approach that Minecraft takes:

Thank you for the reply! While this was actually helpful on how I would go about generating it, what I cant seem to figure out is how to implement that into code. Any help on that front would be appreciated!

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Well, part of it would be the procedural generation of level-geometry. The manual has a section on this matter, here:

And I believe that Epihaius has posted some samples showing an implementation of procedural generation:

Otherwise, what is it that you’re currently struggling with, specifically?