Well I hope I didn’t forget anyone: credits to T Rex, astelix, Nemesis#13.


In the archive there are 2 snippets for rain effect. One way shows how to fake rain with moving the uv of a rain-textured model with funclerpivals, 2nd shows how to fake rain with particles.

Still working on it…

a couple of hints:
first off the texture rotation idea is good but you should apply like this:

  rain.setTexRotate(ts, base.camera.getR())

not using the abs value in your commented line -
then the cylinder should be cap ended at the bottom and visible pitching the cam toward the ground.
Good job anyhow Anon

Don’t know if it’s supposed to, but in the first sample the rain doesnt move. The second one looks good though, now add ripples on the ground :slight_smile:

Thats Nemesis#13’s idea.
Doesn’t work with the uv scaling code too well, huh?

What is cap ended?

Of course its supposed to move. Maybe something wrong with the Mac build?

Any hints?

He meant you should make a capsule or a closed cylinder out of that tent

For the ground you could either simply tint everything a bit, add specularity and reflections (if you have any). Adding video textures of wave rings to all ground surfaces sounds impossible. Except you do it only in a few places in form of animated puddles. Also fog might look good with rain.

Edit: you could actually place dented cylinders (wider on top side) based on collision rays you shoot down from the sky. Those, textured with animations, could look really neat; at the cost of performance, of course.

it is when the geometry is close - the bottom of your cylinder looks open since it goes into the ground - I guess should be seen as we seen it looking on top of it.
EDIT dang, I saw afterwards was explained by Nemesis#13

That would look weird really. This method assumes some camera angle limits.Looking straight up is not good, either.

Problem is, panda currently doesn’t support fog with setShaderAuto().

How about just animated billboards? In all cases it will be too costy, and inaccurate

Mr. Anon can u please share that raining effect link with us again, the link above is not working anymore

Whats with the ‘Mr’?
Anyway, I came to the conclusion that using sprite particle renderer is very limiting for an effect where the particle image is not simmetrical. We tried to think of ways to make it look better in this topic but it is still far from good, in my opinion.
So Im using line particle renderer (with transparency) now for my rain. It looks alot better. I know some games have actual textures for the rain. Im guessing they use geom particles for closer rain drops or similar effect.

I dont think I have the source for this anymore, you can have a look at Hypnos’s (i think) JungleDemo, it also uses line prticle renderer. I can post the content of his particle file here if you can’t find it.