Ragdoll with Pyode

Hi! :smiley:
this is a sample of very basic ragdoll, maked using pyode.
Code little commented.
It works, but there are some tricks with bones(foot especialy).
You need to move camera far with RMB…
Here is link:
9 kB
I hope anybody can give me some suggestions how make it better after playing around with it. :bulb:
Edited : camera now look at ragdoll :blush:

ode will be integrated into panda3d soon!

Yeah ragdols are fun i did a thing with them myself a while ago. I wanted to attach bones in blender and export them to panda3d … then do ragdolling on the boned moddel. But that did not work too well could never figure blender bones out. Well i guess that is that.

@newfych: wow, thanks for this cool example! It’s really useful…

@treeform: it already is, just wait till the next version of Panda3D (or the version after, if Josh so decides.)

PS. I have so my questions about this line:

import ode as ode

:wink: isn’t that the same as just “import ode” ?