PRPEE Issues I am facing

Hello! When I am using the YABEE exporter, I figure out that some meshes disappear when I look at them from different angles. Please help!

EDIT: It actually is PRPEE. That is the new one for Blender 2.8x

Hmm… I can think of two different types of “disappearance” that you might be seeing, and it’s not clear from your description which you’re encountering. Could you post some screenshots to illustrate, please?

I don’t have screenshots (It is on my other device). Have you played Castle Adventure 3D? I am using a .bam file. I thought I could try to use the .egg file with YABEE. Now the wall at the extreme back of the room disappears the moment I spawn. And next to the entrance of the room, there is a wall, right? When I am outside the room, it is visible. When I go inside, it disappears.

A thought occurs to me: Are you using a version of Blender more recent than 2.78? If so, then I don’t think that there’s a reliable version of YABEE that supports those more-recent versions of Blender. That could be the source of your problem.

If you want to use YABEE, it would likely be advisable to switch to Blender 2.78, I think.

The wall beside the entrance, is it a single flat surface, or are there two parts to it, one facing each side? If it’s the former, then perhaps this is the result of back-face culling, with the model possibly having been exported with the “two-sided” setting active when you exported to “bam”, and without that setting when you exported to “egg”.

I am using Blender 2.9.1 and YABEE-devel, not YABEE

EDIT: YABEE-devel is removed from GitHub, but I installed it before it got removed.
EDIT2: Now, YABEE-devel is called PRPEE.

Yeah, if that’s the version of YABEE that I’m thinking of, then I don’t think that it’s stable for general use. I don’t recommend it.

So I should stick with blend2bam?

I may be mistaken, but I believe that it’s the recommended exporter for Blender these days.

Me too. Thanks!
PS: Also, see the latest post in Castle Adventure 3D

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How is it the recommended exporter if it eventually uses YABEE?

I don’t know much about the internals of blend2bam, myself–I’m only repeating what I’ve seen given here. See for example the following post:

So basically, can I edit the YABEE file in a text editor setting the alpha value to 1?

I really don’t know the full list of issues with the fork of YABEE, I’m afraid, or what changes would be required.

Note that that the fact that it writes materials with an alpha of zero was given as an example–there’s no indication that said issue is the only one.

Perhaps if you contact the developer of the fork, they might have more information for you?

See this post for reference:

blend2bam can (optionally) make use of YABEE under-the-hood when using 2.7x versions of Blender via the egg pipeline. For 2.80+, the egg pipeline is not available.

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I am using 2.9.1 so how does blend2bam export properly while the new YABEE (PRPEE or whatever) doesn’t?

The gltf pipeline (default when using 2.7x, and the only option for 2.80+) exports data out of Blender using a glTF exporter and imports it into Panda3D using panda3d-gltf. This is described in the README in the section on pipelines.

So basically, I can use blend2bam for everything I need as I am running 2.9.1. And if I just want the egg file I can use bam2egg or PRPEE for simple models, right?

Yes, you can use blend2bam for everything if you are using Blender 2.91.

PRPEE is designed for use with the RenderPipeline, and may provide incorrect results when used without it.

You can use bam2egg for simple models, but I don’t see a good reason to use it.

What is a RenderPipline?

Hello! I am back. Seeing PRPEE on GitHub, I realized that it is for versions 2.8x. I don’t know what that means but I am guessing that it is any version that is 2.8 or greater. I went to the Bender home page to download Blender 2.8, but when I click the button saying Download Blender 2.80, It is going to the page to download 2.91.So HELP!