Problem Starting Panda3d 1.3.2 on Windows XP Pro

My greeting card runs. But I don’t understand how to upen the editor? i.e the part of the program in which I build levels and import meshes and animations and what not…

Perhaps I am confused because I use Unreal Editor at work. Does this program somehow not use an editor in order to assemble media and such?

Panda3d doesn’t use an editor at all.
You assemble your world in your python code.


I figured that out finally. That is really foreign to me. But I still think this will be a great program to use for my class project.

I’ll try the tutorials. But I’m worried I don’t have my workpaths set up properly. Where should I be saving my .py files and how do I run them?

you can put your .py files wherever you want.
You can run them by going to a command line (Start>Run>cmd.exe in WinXP) and then going to the folder where you have your .py file saved. for example:
[i]cd c:\My\Folder\Where\I\Got\My\PY\Files[/i]
now, enter ppython and press return, replacing with the name of your python file.

Warning: it takes a little while for the game to start up. the bigger the game, the slower it starts up.

Be sure you have read through this thread. It has lots of good advice for getting started.