pro-rsoft's PGMM dll for 1.4.2?

Has anyone compiled pro-rsoft’s PGMM dll for 1.4.2?
I only see one for 1.4.1, or is it perhaps integrated into panda?

vote for integrating with panda! (thank you neighborlee for compiling)
I think that’s a working one for 1.4.2. If it doesn’t work, let me know, I’ll compile another one.

About integrating into Panda3D, I vote not yet. If you really want it, go ahead. But bear in mind that there are a various number of bugs and extra features (e.g. screenspace LOD!!) on my todo list, that would be much harder for me to implement once PGMM is implemented into Panda3D. Correct me if I’m wrong, or if you have a solution.

put some thing in!
1 we want to use it
2 we need to test it

you can always change it
1 user base for pgmm will not be that large
2 we know version numbers when we see them

feature creep is always bad its good to have some thing simple and solid in.

thanks for the reply, I’ve been using 1.4.0 now on Windows.
But I want to get it working on 64 bit ubuntu gutsy.
Is there an .so for that anyone has?

Sorry, you will need to build it yourself, using the source package here.