Here is our first game, its name is Plith, it is a puzzle game.

It is made of several levels, you will move some gears in order to let some (specific) other ones move - which is the objective of each level.

It is a very simple game: it is my first game and I have no experience, so I have not looked for difficult things.

Now, some screenshots:

We are in a pretty advanced phase of development, I hope to release a demo soon. Thank you!

Looks promising! I look forward to trying it out. :slight_smile:

same here :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: I’m polishing the demo, so it should not require too much time. :slight_smile:

Screenshots look great I look forward to playing it. I noticed on the webpage for plith that the main header images are overlapping. It looks good in 1280x1024 but as I am set at 1024x768 and it does not format quite right. here is a screenshot of what I’m talking about.

Is that wordpress you are using for the web layout?

Thank you! Now it should be fixed. Yep, I’m using Wordpress (Thematic theme with small customizations).

Hi, I’ve made a gameplay video to show it in motion, it’s here. Thanks!

I like the sound effects and the presentation style of it.

I’ve always said music and sound effects are half of a game.

If you find that hard to believe, just play your favorate game with the volume turned to zero. It will only be half as good. :slight_smile:

Cool looking game.

I’d suggest posting the game here:

Reminds me of this game … ared&hl=en

@markjacksonguy: Thank you so much! :slight_smile: I totally agree with you: audio is very important in games!

@redpanda: Yep, I added it some weeks ago.

@EdBighead: I love that game! But they are different: Geared’s “core” is in the “puzzle” section - you have to think a lot to place each gear. Plith has simpler mechanics for gears (you have less types of gears), but difficulties come from other factors: time, level structure, … So, it has an “action” component, which implies I had to decrease the “puzzle” weight in the mixture.

Hi, I have released a development demo, if someone is interested to it here is my last blog post, which contains the link to the demo page. If you want, please let me know if there are problems, suggestions, … Thank you!

I’ve tried your demo and it runs pretty neat :slight_smile:
It isn’t running very fast, but I only have a crappy Intel onboard GPU, so it’s cool it runs at all.

Keep up the good work!

Very nice!

I wasn’t able to find a way to enable showing the FPS, but it ran smoothly on my system. The only time is dropped a frame or two was when it was switching levels - I suspect that’s because it’s unloading the old one and loading the new one.

Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more! :slight_smile:

I wanted to run the demo and give you a performance report, but my virus suite will not let me install it.

Every time I tried, the installer got removed and my PC was rebooted. :cry:

May I ask, how many levels does the game have or will have? :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile: I also have an Intel GPU, I can obtain more speed if I reduce the resolution and/or disable the antialiasing.

Thank you! :slight_smile: You’re right, in the release version there is not the FPS counter.

Yep, at the end of the levels I’ve to clean the current stuff and load the new one… I could “hide” this swapping with some transitions, but this would decrease the “pace” (it is meant to be a “fast” game). Actually, this was the first implementation we made, but it was boring. :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s odd… You are the only person who reported that, other antivirus programs don’t complain… What virus does it find?

Anyway it is very strange: I take the exe produced by Panda and insert it in an installer produced by NSIS, and I do this on an OSX machine, so I don’t see where a virus could be in this process.

The game has 112 levels, which are very fast, though. Ok, advanced ones are not so fast. :slight_smile: The demo has 32 levels.

Hi, I would like to add some languages to Plith, but, because of my (null) budget, I have to look for a sort of “community-based” translation i.e. if there is someone who can make the translation into his/her language then I will add it. I hope somebody may be interested in this. :slight_smile: More information into my last blog post. Thank you for reading!

Hi, I have updated the demo following your suggestions (thank you!).

Specifically, I have considered Nemesis#13’s performance report and have added an option which allows disabling shaders. Now, on my integrated Intel GPU the game has 44 FPS if it is 1600x900 with antialiasing and shaders, but it has 108 FPS if it is 1280x720 without antialiasing and shaders.

I have also refined something here and there, mainly for the HUD.

Moreover, I have added translations to Portuguese and French, thank Heek and Manou (and thank H3llb0y for the English one, which was already in previous versions)!

Hi! We have published Plith’s trailer! It is hard to design a trailer for a puzzle game! :slight_smile: You can find more information here. Thank you!

Very nice trailer