Paraboloid Shadow Map + PCF Smooth

This is modified Tut-Shadow-Mapping-Advanced.
Used paraboloid shadow map instead projection and PCF filter to smooth edges of shadow.


alas no luck with this for me
it exits here (line 193):

        if (
            #>>> exits here

looks like we’re doomed to not have working shadows forever with panda3d…

‘shadow-nosupport.sha’ is only for cards which doesn’t support shadow filter, which means you have to calc perspective divide in the shader.

taken from the shadow mapping sample :
with shadow filter support :

  float shade = tex2Dproj(k_Ldepthmap,l_shadowcoord);

without :

  float4 proj = l_shadowcoord / l_shadowcoord.w;
  float mapval = tex2D(k_Ldepthmap,proj.xy);
  float shade = (mapval > proj.z);

You should probably use shadow2D(Proj) and a shadow sampler to get the advantages of hardware PCF.

Thanks for the advice, but …

or i doing something wrong?

void fshader(in float2 l_texcoord0 : TEXCOORD0,
             in float4 l_shadowcoord : TEXCOORD1,
             in float  l_smooth : TEXCOORD2,
             in float4 l_lightclip : TEXCOORD3,
             uniform sampler2D tex_0 : TEXUNIT0,
             uniform sampler2DShadow k_Ldepthmap : TEXUNIT1,
             uniform float4 k_ambient,
	     uniform float4 k_texDisable,
             out float4 o_color:COLOR)
  float3 circleoffs = float3(l_lightclip.xy / l_lightclip.w, 0);
  float falloff = saturate(1.0 - dot(circleoffs, circleoffs));
  float4 baseColor = saturate(tex2D(tex_0, l_texcoord0) + k_texDisable);
  float shade = shadow2D(k_Ldepthmap,l_shadowcoord)*0.5;
  o_color = baseColor * ( falloff * shade * l_smooth + k_ambient.x )*2;

I did not include the shadow-nosupport.sha, but if you want - fixed version here:

A funny side effect. Hypertrophied PCF filter looks like soft shadows

thankyou ninth - I suggest the maintainers to put this demo in place of the actual in the official bunch, being a little nicer and working better


ah I was off for a couple of months and look at that.
but nonetheless this demo should be put at least on CVS to replace the old one.

No, this does not replace the standard demo - look at the result of the depth-texture rendering in this demo and in standart (key “V”).
My vaiant uses parabolic distortion for the depth map, giving a ray of light with an angle close to 180 degrees.
Perhaps, as an alternative…