Panda3d Networking Sample


Not sure if this goes as a snippet… Also not sure if its totally a Showcase topic either…

Anyway, here is my version of some of the samples of networking code I found on the Forum
Big thanks to:
EdBighead - [url]Client Side Prediction Example] for the prediction stuff and general state updates
bigfoot29 & Yellow - [url]Panda3D network example] for the core networking code layouts and general comunication between server and client

I hope people find this useful and easy to use, just ask I’ll gladly help if possible :stuck_out_tongue:
I didn’t want to paste each file here so I made a GitHub Repo to hold the code.

At the moment it can handle 2 clients connected to a server, movement updates work just fine. Ofc it needs massive fine tuning but this should only be a sample/example

Thanks and if any problems feel free to contact me.

A few years back I was heavily into exactly this type of experiments, so good job on creating a clear example and posting it on github.
If I get a chance to test it and maybe improve on it I’ll submit them through github.