Panda cannot find the audio library specified via load_prc_file_data

This does not work as expected.

load_prc_file_data("", "audio-library-name p3openal_audio");

I get a message:

:audio: NullAudioManager

this only works through the Config.prc file.

I can add a custom prc file, too, cannot specify an audio library. Only valid from folder etc.
The essence lies in the folder itself, if you place a user prc, then it will normally install the audio library.

I think this needs to be specified before Panda loads the Audio subsystem. If Panda has already initialized the audio library, then it is too late to change this setting.

Then it turns out that I cannot get rid of the automatic loading of Config.prc, as you suggested in this post:

If I disable it during compilation, when it is not clear to me how I can specify the audio library. I think that the situation with the file is easily corrected if you delete the code that automatically downloads files from the folder, etc. Of course, it is strange that initialization is performed linearly, why not initialize after receiving all the variables?