OS X users: Which Mac OS X version do you use?

Which Mac OS X versions do you have that you would like Panda to run on?

  • 10.10: Yosemite
  • 10.9: Mavericks
  • 10.8: Mountain Lion
  • 10.7: Lion
  • 10.6: Snow Leopard
  • 10.5: Leopard (Intel)
  • 10.5: Leopard (ppc)
  • 10.4: Tiger (Intel)
  • 10.4: Tiger (ppc)
  • Other (specify)

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If you don’t use Mac OS X, please don’t respond to this poll.

Just a poll I’m doing to see which Mac OS X versions we still have to support now that Apple gives free upgrades to OS X Mavericks.

If you still use PowerPC, please select the ppc option.

OS version is one of the stats recorded in the Steam survey.
It is helpful in getting a good idea of game players in general:

Ah, excellent, thanks. That’s really useful, although the Steam userbase may not exactly match the Panda3D userbase.

If the amount of people with Leopard or before does prove to be to be negligible, that would be great, as that would reduce a lot of maintenance burden.

Hmm, there are still people out there with Snow Leopard.
I’d like to build with Lion because it ships with Python 2.7. But Snow Leopard only has Python 2.6, so I’m not sure how we’d do that. Maybe I’ll have to make a separate build just for Snow Leopard/Python 2.6. Or I should keep the current Leopard/2.5 builds around for the 1.9 series and by the time that’s done, Snow Leopard may be more obsolete.