newer egg-palettize program not writing textures

Wondering if any other egg-palettize users out there have/had an issue with the command in versions 1.8.1 - current not writing out the texture palettes?
I file a bug report but wanted to also ask in here in case there may be something I could have been doing incorrectly. :astonished:
With every version past 1.7.2 Panda3D, when I use the command, everything goes as it should, except the writing of the new palettes. It reads everything, copies unchanged textures and writes the new egg files. I just gives an error, “unable to write blah blah texture” when conducting the writing of the generated texture palette(s).
Though, with 1.7.2, the egg-palettize.exe works fully as it should. (so I don’t think I am doing anything incorrectly, but one never knows. LOL)
Anyhow, if anyone actually utilizes this command and has had a similar issue that they found a cure for, please let me know. I’ve already briefly compared the different source codes, though other than naming convention changes in the more recent versions, I nothing is jumping out at me that has possibly changed. So in that area, I am pretty lost.
I’m in the process of writing a more updated version, in MEL, of what the PandaSE team had created years back. Along with everything they had in theirs, I’m working to add in more command options possibilities and also looking to possibly incorporate these new functions directly into my other updated Egg-exporter program [url]Updated MayaPandaUI Interface - Egg & Bam Exporter for Maya] and create an all-in-one package.
PandaSE teams version
My Maya MEL version (so far)