New website layout

Can’t you add 3d glasses effect in Config.prc file?

I already said to please ignore the frontpage, which hasn’t been altered. That is just the old frontpage inside the new layout. Since we’ll have a new frontpage for 1.7.0 in a matter of weeks (which already has been designed) we didn’t bother with changing the current one.

the main menu is totally broken on IE7. on the main page it’s visible, but wrong placed (overlaps the ETC logo and is double as high as it’s supposed to be), on all subpages it isn’t visible at all!

this is only a kind of internet cafe, so i can’t really make screenshots (though will try a hack later)

There was a temporal glitch caused by phpbb2 that hid the menu on the forum during some minutes. There was broken on IE7 on all the site though, that’s fixed now, thanks.

ok. glad to hear that

This isn’t such a big deal, but I thought you should know:

Seems like that happens only when there is no line break after a lot of text within a language-specific tag. I tried previewing after replacing it with , and simply . word-wraps it, but the other two express the same issue as pointed out by Anon.

That’s fixed now. Let me know if you see the same in other elements. (Except the images, we don’t plan to fix that, we’ll just change the large images)

Although I’m new here I would like to thank the admins for creating such a cool web 2.0 theme for the website!
It makes it look amazing!

And now its even better because all of the bugs have been sorted out :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! new layout is cool (Thats what I thought immediately after first seeing it), a dark color scheme will be greatly appreciated though.

Before the website was changed there was a page that included egg files that you could download but now I can’t find it. Has it been moved or removed?

It’s tucked away now under Downloads > SDK > Other: … =1.6.2&sdk
I’m sure you mean the ‘’ file.

Frontpage udpated.

@gogg, i am thankful for your efforts, but old design was better, this new one if i would describe it in one word its inasive, maybe its just combination of colors , i dont know it just doesnt sit well with me…

I will give you several mainpages for some programs which i think are pretty good.

For example in bottom right it says current SDK, lists some features and there is link called more, would expect it to lead to version changes page, not to download page.

Panda3D is a free and Open Source game engine, a framework for 3D rendering and game development for Python and C++ programs. To learn more about Panda3D's capabilities, visit the gallery and the feature list. It is very simple to use, check Documentation and for yourself. If you get stuck, ask for help on the forums, our community is very active.

Documentation would link to this page … anda_Model

It would be good to give link to some example games(browser plugin) on mainpage. Or some examples from manual with a page which has complete code for that sample.

Also it would be nice to pack all sample programs and make them “playable” from site, and their source shown.

Dont get mad at me for writing all this, i am just giving you my thoughts on what would attract me to use this engine if i werent using it already.

Have you visited the Gallery already?

If you live with a clown for 2 years and one day you see him without make-up, he will also look inane, but that’s hardly a fault of Droopy’s new respectable look, it’s just a matter of contrast. I’m not looking for the site to be memorable either, that would be a bad thing, the important thing is the content. About your unexplained dislike, maybe it’s because of the purplish colors? It’s certainly not commonly used. Note that currently the sub-menu is missing (work in progress), and it also looks a lot simpler without it. I’m always interested in feedback, but if you can’t describe your dislike in more concrete terms I can’t do anything with it.

That is obvious and I’m aware of that, but as I said very clearly in the first post:

We have just moved to a new website layout. This is the first iteration of the process of renewing There’s still some work to be done.

And I haven’t gotten to the downloads section yet, will probably rework it in the coming weeks with more emphasis on the runtime. Because the changelog is just a txt currently I couldn’t link to it yet. The amount of things that I want to do will probably take me half a year or so at this pace, so rather than criticize what is missing (we’ve probably thought of it already), try to criticize what we’ve introduced (which you’ve certainly done in this instance).

Well, I just reworked the old existing text to make it shorter, so it’s probably improvable. I don’t see anything special except that you removed a mention of “liberal license” which I believe is fundamental. I’ll compare your text later to the existing one, though. But I’m not linking documentation to any particular section, cause then they would miss the awesome cheat sheets.

There’s already a link to the gallery, and I’m not too fond of panda samples (they are python only and old, and some of them implement things in strange ways), I think the manual gives a much better impression, and they will conveniently find the samples in Documentation anyway.

Panda3D is a vast engine, for each feature you think is important there are a dozen other things that other people think are important, you have to draw the line somewhere because it’s not good to overload the frontpage with information. For example you’d rather have them see the code but I’d rather have them see the cheat sheets, you’d have them play asteroids but I’d have them know that we have a BSD license, etc.

We have a couple of demos in the Gallery section and about showing the code, that would mean showing only python code, and I’m trying to get rid of the notion that Panda3D is a python only engine, (which is why we don’t have many professional users imho) so I’d rather not (unless we had c++ samples for every python sample).

About packing the demos, that’s not a bad idea and somebody mentioned it, but somebody has to do it. Talk to rdb if you are interested in helping, he’s overloaded anyway. I haven’t touched the demos or the samples (nor do I plan to because I don’t use Python). (There was another person that helped rdb with the demos that I’d like to credit but I forgot the nickname, sorry.)

Then again, compared to the huge amount of pending work (for example: the manual isn’t translated to c++, and it’s huge!) this ranks very low on the list of priorities, as the samples already work off-line and the point of the live demos is just to show the plug-in capabilities.

I only plan to pack live demos for the gallery that are actually unique and have something to show, I’m not going to grab all the sample programs. Suggestions for things to include are welcome.

I think he was talking of making the samples playable in the browser for instructive purposes, not of the show-off live demos. Like, in the documentation section, list the source code along with the sample so that people can see them in the browser, it’s not a bad idea actually. But I think efforts should be placed on improving the samples before that.

While we are at it, somebody should make a web Panda3D IDE with AJAX and the plugin, that executes the code that you write. That would require some changes but definitely doable.

Nice idea, like a try-me-editor where people can alter the code to see what changes.

There isn’t a reason why ynjh_jo’s interactive editor couldn’t be ran in a browser though, by the way.

Looks better to me, now how about removing the random user showcase sidebar from the documentation section? It’s a distraction from the technical information presented.