New website layout

hi, look at this post

At the left side under the nicknames are some information about the posters, when they don’t have an image, the leftside got very small, maybe you could add a min-width or something like that, but that is just a detail.

Nice layout! :slight_smile:


i’d suggest adding a designated user wiki.

did that a while ago already and it was suggested to start some wiki on a separate page, but i dont like the idea of having that separated from the website.

i actually like the new design, it looks more “professional” and less greenpeace like :slight_smile: (i like greenpeace, but panda3d has nothing to do with it)

The 3 bugs reported so far are fixed. Thanks for the feedback.

Gogg: absolutely big thanks for the work done here.

Guess I will have to get used to it if other people like it that way. But don’t get bad feeling just because of one old man just hugging the “gool old times” ^^

Regards, Bigfoot29

Great Work
infinity Thanx

This new format looks very sterile. The old format was funky, but it had some personality. It was a little childish, but it made panda look easy and friendly to newbies. As well, the old panda mascot with the red 3d had was iconic. I hope he won’t be replaced by the title guy. The blue dude looks only like a whitewashed iphone icon.

The new format is modern looking, but I think at least something could be done with the panda3d title. Haha, I don’t know, maybe we can all live with the new design (it’s supposed to attract more professionals, right?), but don’t forget panda’s roots! Disney was never supposed to be sleek or sexy, but fun, lovable, and friendly.

Sorry for the criticism. I know that a lot of hard work went into this. However, it doesn’t do well in transmitting how different and friendly panda is compared to the other engines out there.

EDIT: Oh, maybe some advertisement about how Blender-friendly panda is, on the main page, would be cool!

I don’t seem to be able to find a link to the buildbot page from the download page.
The only way to browse to it seems to be from the redirection in the reference disclaimer.

If I’m not mistaken would it be possible to add a link to the nightly builds in the main download page, with warnings as seen fit to tell the difference?

I like the new design, my only concern is the documentation section. It takes a lot more clicks to get to the page I want. I used to be able to get to the API class listing with one click, but now it takes three. Also, I liked how the class listing used to be in three columns, it made it a lot easier to find what I was looking for. Other than that, the new design is very nice.

:smiley: Waauww… I like it. Good work.

We are aware, rdb is just testing that which is why we don’t publicize it too much. With the 1.7.0 release we’ll revamp the download section and we’ll have a section for development preview binaries or something like that and maybe we can link the buildbot and waterfall there.

Yeah, it’s 3 steps now. We are gonna add a dynamic submenu and that will make it 2 steps. But now we have references for python and c++ whereas before we just had python so it will always be 2 clicks minimum, can’t do anything about that. If you use the reference so much I suggest you make a bookmark anyway.
About the 3 column format, well, doxygen is like that, and it uses a second column for descriptions where they are available, so it wouldn’t fit in 3 columns now, not even 2. On the bright side you gain a useful ajax search function.

Solution: just get rid of those lenses. The original version of that logo looks so much cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing:

I mean, how do red/green lenses relate to the type of 3D rendering done with Panda3D?

Personally, I think both have their places. The site logo works best for a logo, and the cute cartoon panda could definitely work as a mascot.

Agreed. It is currently a relic of the past.

One word…
Big Thanks from me.

Small bug report:
the projects.php is bugged, doesn’t have the new look, and it’s very outdated

One step closer into perfection.

I like the new header design, but other things are worse, sorry. The layout is just too bright.

The dark screenshot in the middle is just too heavy, it falls down. The distinguishing frame at the right side is gone, the layout lacks orientation therefore.

Bright background looks cheap and is too bright, its just hard to read. I’m not sure if I like the blue-ish color theme. More importantly the theme is only in the head and the left and right frame, but not in the center of the page. So I guess replace white/bright grey with some brighter blue. Buttons like New Topic are still green. So are many < a > links.

I am also not sure if the tabs at the top need icons.

Sorry but I can’t say something too positive … just what I think, not to badmouth someone’s work.

MacNN had a redesign a few months ago:

well I guess depends on what we are used to see stereo 3D thinking the old way, even if today that kind of goggles are obsolete - if we want to keep that anyhow, I suggest this way:

so that we have the red-green and getting rid of that ugly devices at one time, showing the cute panda face clean and shiny as deserve.

I like the glasses. I asked Gogg to keep them. It doesn’t matter that they’re ugly, and it doesn’t matter whether Panda3D itself has anything to do with red-green stereo. The glasses are geeky and distinctive, and they make the panda logo a little less corporate bland.


Well actually I immediately understood what the glasses were about and I quickly went to the features in development section to see if Panda3D had this red-green-3d stuff now. Would be a unique feature, but no. Other than that its a good logo.

For the record, Panda has had stereoscopic functionality like red-green rendering for a long time now. The Features page only lists a very small subset of the enormous amount of features that Panda3D really has.

A quick mockup…

well good to know then, at least we’ll stop harassing the poor Gogg on this subject :smiley: